Posted by: AceRailgun | July 15, 2012

That wacky music you only find in anime

Lets just face the facts here there is music in anime that is just strange and most non-anime fans would listen to it for only a moment before going “WTF” and move swiftly on. It is this music which is small part my anime addiction and anime just wouldn’t be the same without it. Of coarse even I can find music strange at times but often it is those strange songs which grow on me and remind me of the craziness that accompanied them in anime. So I’ll start off with one of my personal favorites in this category of music.


The intro to Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu. Everybody here is Love Tropicana.


So now that you’ve got all the way through that masterpiece here is something a little more “standard” I say that with a smirk because Soul Eater isn’t standard by any means and this song proves it. So here it is Psychedelic Souljam.


I’d be surprised if your still here after both those but if you are that’s great. That’s not the end of this post by a long shot and I’ve still got some more wacky music to unleash on the masses. The third in this collection is none other then first ending theme from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?


I’ve got one more and this is the pinnacle of otaku music which is no doubt looked down on by “normal” people but you know what I don’t care because even though this silly I love it. I could have picked something from Lucky Star or Haruhi but instead I picked something a bit more recent. Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi-C from Nichijou.


  1. I actually think it’s the music that doesn’t come straight out with a wacky theme that tends to grow on me. It’s almost like the songs sneak up on me because I don’t notice. I tend to know my opinions of the wacky themes almost immediately (like I knew pretty quick that I wouldn’t like Nyarlko’s theme).

  2. I don’t see the appeal in the Nyarlko theme either but I guess it must be good since it’s so popular.

    The jungle wa theme grew on me. I think it was constant exposure to it during the anime that got me hooked.

  3. Nyaruko’s OP was awesome as an entertaining anime OP, but that’s it I think. I wouldn’t want to listen to it continuously outside of that environment. (while for example I still listen to the first Hyouka’s OP song!)

    • My library of anime music is huge but it dos contain some music which doesn’t really sit well by itself so I totally understand what you mean.

  4. Its nice to see a change in variety for music in anime, and it blends in well, that Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and Nichijou soudtrack with the electro and their vioces as well being electro, thats awesome, You dont have to be an anime fan to appreciate the music because music is music for everyone to enjoy.

    • I’ve never really been a fan of electro but those songs are the exceptions. It’s funny how anime can lead to you listening to such a large variety of music.

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