Posted by: AceRailgun | July 2, 2012

Tari Tari episode 1 – Renaming the cast

So the new season started and I doubt there is a better place to start then with a anime with a school setting. There was this thing I watched with fairies earlier today but lets not talk about that.


The first thing I noticed was that the animation and art style are top notch so well done PA Works in that department. The music was okay too so good job.


After that I kept getting these strange vibes as if I was reliving something and it didn’t take long before I worked out what it was. Hanasaku Iroha; Tari Tari is Hanasaku Iroha all over again. A coming of age story with optermistic teenagers who refuse to be called children.


I’ve already seen this story a million times in anime so I know it’s going to be about friendship and potentially love. As the characters were developed in this episode I noticed they were giving us a lot of information very quickly and I actually started to like these characters. As hard as it is to believe I’m actually enjoying this.  But then the funny thing is when I got to the end of the episode I realized I don’t remember any of their names. It’s a problem I have in real life too where I cannot remember peoples names after the first meeting and it takes a few meetings to remember their names and sometimes even that doesn’t work.


So I’m ready to enjoy the adventures of I Won’t Sing Girl, Bubbly Singing Girl, Girl with Icecream, Badminton Guy and Transfer student. I might even be so bold as to shorten those a bit with the help of pictures. I don’t use pictures much but this will of coarse set the standards for character renaming in the future. I suspect we will get an absolute flood of wimpy transfer student soon enough. Feel free to use these names whenever talking about this anime.


  1. I want Ice Cream to wear that hat throughout the entire anime.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It’s very stylish.

  2. Your experience with names sounds like something that happens to me far too often with anime. I’m still not sure what most of the characters from Hanasaku Iroha were named.

    I’m gonna give this show a few episodes before starting it, so I can see if people are still talking highly about it then.

    • That might be a smart move. I’m not really sure what direction the plot will be heading but since the characters are pretty good so far I’ll keep watching. Transfer and Bubbles were my favorites.

  3. During the episode I was thinking, “On the other side of town, there’s a slightly better anime happening.” But, since TariTari is just 13 episodes and I do like Bubbles, I’ll not be so quick to axe it.
    I’m with you and Yerocha on the names, though because I remember Iroha’s characters, I keep thinking transfer student is Kou and Won’t is Michiko.

    • Bubbles was good so I’m with you in sticking around for a bit longer since it’s too early to give up just yet.

      I can see the connection you’re making with the Hanasaka Iroha characters. I was doing that the whole episode too.

  4. Never watched Hanasaku Iroha but it does feel like a setting found WAY too often in Slice-of-Life anime. Nice naming system btw.

    • Hanasaku Iroha was a little more abnormal when it came to setting but this is just rolling in everything that is “standard” slice of life. But at least the characters are interesting.

      Thanks. I tend to do it for a lot of anime before I start to remember/learn their names. This time however I’m just going to stick with these funky names.

  5. “There was this thing I watched with fairies earlier today but lets not talk about that.” <— indeed

    • hahaha. Don’t remind me. I was curious and it was damn weird.

      • Sometimes weird is good. And sometimes…it’s really, really bad.

      • Agreed. For some reason I think we might have another Fractale on are hands. One episode of that was enough for me to know it wasn’t going good places.

  6. Renaming the cast, huh? Been there, done that. In fact, I continue to name the main five members the nicknames I’ve given them, as with many shows I like playing around with, especially those where I don’t care to learn the characters’ names. Matutu (Sawa) continues being my favorite, Polka (Konatsu) and Enrique (Wien) fulfill their roles, and are fine by me Bob (Taichi)…I just don’t want him to go anywhere near Matutu. He also has NOTHING on Chihayafuru’s Taichi. Matutu should stick with Polka. As for Poo Poo….there’s a reason why I gave Wakana that nickname.

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