Posted by: AceRailgun | July 1, 2012

Why I regard Mysterious Girlfriend X so highly

It’s certainly not most elaborate plot or the best case of character development but because it started the story in a place most anime end it really piqued my interest from the get go.


A lot anime end with the male protagonist kissing the girl of his dreams at the end and starting a relationship but what happens after that? We are lead to believe that they live happily ever after and this is unimportant and doesn’t need to be shown. A while back Clannad took this one step further and showed us how the couple in question lives after that kiss but we’ve never seen an anime start at the moment two people become a couple.


That’s where Mysterious Girlfriend X differs from  the normal legions of standard love story anime. It begins with a new relationship and shows us how the young naive protagonists explore sexual urges after being exposed to them by another more matured couple. Of coarse it’s more entertaining that Urabe, the girl of the reltionship is also somewhat perverted but in a reserved respectable. She doesn’t drool all over the male protagonist and flaunt it to the world. Well maybe drool was a bad word to use there but you know what I mean. I struggle to become “attached” to females in anime who cling to the male protagonist and scream to the world that they want his bland ass babies. Yes I’m looking at you Nyarnko you dirty *censored* 


Having Urabe and Tsubaki gradually learn what it is to be in a loving relationship is rather entertaining to watch as they explore the quirks of they would later find out to be softcore fetishes. These appear nearly every episode and it’s always something different that piques their interest It’s overshadowed most of the time as they share drool on a daily basis which is the main  fetish the series is milking. A lot of these minor fetishes go unnoticed but when you do become aware of them you realize just how perverted yet tasteful this anime is treating highly sexual content. Sure there is eechi in there but to some degree it’s done tastefully and not flaunted at every given opportunity.


Am I crazy to think there is more depth to this anime then it seems or is it really stupid and everyone is avoid it because of the controversial drool fetish?


  1. My problem with that series is that besides Urabe, none of the characters are interesting. They’re all cookie-cutter characters I couldn’t care less about. I don’t even remember the main guy’s name.

    • I agree with you (lol Yamiro). And that their relationship doesn’t seem to be progressing into anything interesting. No qualms about the drool thing.

  2. No, you are not crazy. This series is a seinen after all, so there is more than you see at first. IMHO it’s a masterpiece, a high school romance that made me grinning the entire 24 minutes through 13 weeks. Urabe’s voice is great and I love that BGM from the dreamming sequences. Also I can’t wait for the full OP and ED releases!

    @flawfinder That says a lot about your attention span, not about the series. I only have read one opinion like yours in other fórum and… wait, but it’s also you!

    • How does it say anything about my attention span? If anything, my comment refers to the kind of characters that I like. And while his situation is different, the main character’s personality is still the same blank-slate that I see in a lot of other anime.
      Besides, I never once said that the series was bad. I actually think it’s good. Animation is great, different ways of tackling romance is decent, and all that. It’s just the characters I have a problem with.

  3. KareKano also puts the leads into a relationship at the start of the show. (Or at least, very quickly.)

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