Posted by: AceRailgun | June 30, 2012

Sankarea Episode 12 – Another finale that ends nothing

Seeing how this is a finale post I’d normally take the time to examine the ending and say the good points and the bad points if there were any but this wasn’t an ending. It was just another episode that left the plot wide open because the manga is still ongoing. Well at least it do a Dusk Maiden.


There was some fireworks and a few conversations about the future but that’s it. So now like a few other anime this season I’ve got to go read the manga to find out what happens next. I don’t know if it’s lazy or clever not to try an anime ending but I’d honestly take a bad anime ending over what we were given. It was so lackluster and uninspiring that I know I’ll forget it in the coming weeks especially with all the new anime starting.


I do enjoy these character and am looking forward to reading the manga if only to see what happens to Rea. I get the feeling that Rea is going to remain reserved in her pursuit of love with Chihiro and and if he doesn’t cure her she’ll never act on it. I know for a fact that they aren’t going to show Rea rotting as her “illness” catches up on her so it’s either going to be a drawn out thing which damages her internally or mentally which would be heartwrenching to watch. Imagine if she starts to go into mindless zombie mode more and more until that’s all she can do. Would they have to put her down like an animal? The possibilites are very interesting and I hope it’s not treated as a super happy love story ending.


So I guess the anime did inspire me to think about the outcome a whole tonne so I guess that’s something. At this point I’d give the anime a spot in my top anime list so you can gauge it against some of the other stuff I’ve watched but I’m hesitant to add it just yet as I haven’t finished the story. Once the manga ends I’ll write a proper Finale post but that could be months or years off as I have no idea how long the manga will run.


  1. Just watched the episode yesterday, so here are my 2 cents — but they may contain spoilers 😉

    Dusk Maiden’s ending was so-so, I didn’t feel it was bad nor good, it was just unremarkable (which, in a way, can be bad)… Most loose ends were tied, and while it ended in a weird, unexplained, “deus ex machina” way, I thought it was okay. I wasn’t expecting big things from this anime, and it blew my expectations with the animation, background art and music, so I guess it had to have some bad points : nobody is perfect!

    But, holy cow, now I agree with you so much! I recently watched another show (called Kuragehime) where they made up a happy-merry-go-round, completely weird and unnatural ending, just because the manga was still ongoing.

    Sankarea just gave me the same feeling : nothing was resolved, and there were so many interesting ideas to explore! For instance : what does Chihiro’s grandfather know? It was hinted at some point that he knew a lot more than it seemed, but then, two seconds after, he went back to his crazy senile old self and that particular point was never mentioned again. There’s still the issue about Rea’s father (who said he was going to come back), and her mother also behaved strangely in the last episode, which led me to believe that perhaps she would have tried something other than being lazy and drinking alcohol, perhaps trying to know her daughter?

    I sincerely hope they will make a second season, and, in the meantime, I will check out the manga! 🙂

    • It’s very possible we’ll get a second season but it’s going to be a long wait if we do. I’m going to get stuck into the manga now so that I don’t forget all the character over time.

      The situation with Chihiro’s grandfather is very suspicious. They also set up that sub plot with Chihiro’s mother in episode 0. So if you haven’t seen that I highly recommend checking that out too. I reckon that could tie in with Chihiro’s grandmother and some kind of previous zombie situation.

      I remember they did the same thing with Claymore and FMA a while back by creating a new ending but those were good examples. There is plenty of bad anime endings which betray the manga; Blue Exorcist for example.

  2. I’ll definitely check episode 0 as well then! I had the same idea about the previous zombie situation, it would be fun if Chihiro’s mother herself were a zombie — and his grandfather could share some tips when he’s sane!

  3. This season is getting a bit annoying with all these unconclusive endings. Tasogare, Sankarea, etc…:|

    Hope for a second season. >_<

    • We can always hope but it’s seeming less and less likely the more of the manga I read. The anime for Sankarea borrowed heavily from later chapters so it screwed with the story flow a bit. It’s still possible though as there is a lot of the story still left to go.

      • “The anime for Sankarea borrowed heavily from later chapters so it screwed with the story flow a bit.”

        Hi! Hmm, that’s really an interesting thing to point out (Thanks!). That means when I read the manga, I have to start from chapter 1 (I was thinking I will just skip what the anime had covered.) While I doubt there will be season 2, I guess it just right that it ended hanging (for me though >.<) Just like you said, it will really really feel, well, creepy and heartwrenching if we see Rea rot or become a mindless being. I don't want to think about it. 😦

      • You can safely start from chapter 10 without missing anything it’s just that yo will probably see a few things again as Mero’s episode and the discussion with Rea’s step mum happen later in the manga.

      • Thank you! I’m looking forward to that.

  4. i want this anime to continue publish .



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