Posted by: AceRailgun | June 26, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia episode 12 finale – False ending

I enjoyed Dusk Maiden enough to blog about it although it did go around in circles during the middle part. It did pick up again at the end to deliver decent closure and a fair amount of humor.


But then it went and gave us that sad scene which was genuinely sad. I readily accepted that Yuuko would move on after she had found closure and although it was painful Teiichi did too. That is until Yuuko came back and was like “Just kidding.” which completely screwed up the entire episode. I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve there but it just made no sense. I was happy with the first ending, it was emotional and drawn out to emphasize that Yuuko was gone but then they just undid it.


That said happy endings are nice once in a while but I’m starting to get annoyed at all these perfect endings that keep on popping up simply because it’s too “painful” to keep things sad. Looking at my top anime list most of the anime near the top don’t have perfect happy endings and that’s what makes them so memorable. Let me give you a little quote.


“Remember the story of the guy who fell in love with a ghost but then she had to move onto the next life. But then she came back.” Nobody ever.


That’s because Dusk Maiden’s anime ending was cheap and pointless. I’m sure the manga has a better ending which properly clears things up and I must go read that to get this drivel out of my head.

All badness aside I did enjoy the moment that Momoe revelaed she knew everything about Yuko and I was more then satisfied with the scene involving Yuuko slowly fading. Overall Dusk Maiden ends up at 61/159 on my top anime list and I hope that my views are changed somewhat after reading the manga ending which I presume is different and better.


  1. Basically just like the ending of Ano Natsu

  2. That “happy” end indeed kinda ruined it. I would have preferred if Yuuko had genuinely left and Teichi moving on without looking back. The ending just kinda bring the whole anime back to square one..

    • It was very unexpected so I guess that’s something. At least it surprised us.

  3. ugh this episode pissed me off, i really wished she had disappeared…would have made me like the full series more.

    • You aren’t the only one. I went to read some of the manga and it hasn’t even come close to finished yet so i guess that’s why the anime ending was so bad.

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