Posted by: AceRailgun | June 24, 2012

Avatar Korra 11/12 Finale – Amon’s identity

Just give me a moment while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Okay now that I’ve done that lets talk avatar. Trump cards are something you are suppose to save until the very end of the story or fight and boy did Avatar do that. 


Warships, biplanes, Bumi, Airbending, the Avatar state and of coarse there was Amon’s true identity which was the most exciting factor of the entire series. It all makes sense now that Amon was revealed to be Tarllok’s brother and it also explains why Aang was obsessed with telling that story to Korra in previous episodes. It was some foresight that none of us saw coming and yet in half an episode Amon was given a fleshed out backstory which drew from already explained details.


Of coarse with Amon perishing at the end of the series at the hands of Tarllok it makes sense that Korra would regain her bending ability. I love how Katara was bought back at this point but I think it’s perfect that where she failed her husband was successful. At that moment when Aang appeared before Korra on the icy cliff his spoken line was very powerful for Korra and since I’m a sucker for good quotes I took note.

“When we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change.” Aang


The finale as a whole had a lot of great moments and I was shocked to see those moments esculate in severity as Korra was faced with problem after problem. She went straight from finding out Amon’s true power to discovering the airbenders were at risk of losing their abilities and then she goes and loses her own bending. If it wasn’t for Mako’s fighting spirit at that moment she would have been doomed. Mako didn’t get to do a whole lot but that one moment rounded out his character development nicely.


Speaking of the other characters the Bolin, Iroh and Asami trio was very entertaining. I love it when mismatched groups end up like this with no true leader. Obviously it gave Asami and Bolin a moment to shine away from the main combat but it also gave us a chance to see just how amazing Iroh was. That guy can fly with freaking fire how can you not respect that. On top of that he manages to take over a plane, something he has never used before and then proceeds to destroy and entire fleet of planes alone.


I could go on but I don’t want to risk my reputation for short posts. Were you satisfied with the finale? What was the best part and what could book two possibly do to continue the story?


  1. I liked it but I thought the last episode suffered from the exact same problems as this whole season which ultimately, have made it inferior to the original avatar so far. That being; convenient plot devices that fix everything and a lack of genuine suspense. The part at the end with Aang was nice but ultimately very deus ex machina. It could have been a great expansion to see Korra deal with loss of bending and fight to overcome and to see republic city deal with the lack of benders and the aggravation between ex-benders and equalists but again everything was solved with Korra restoring everyone’s bending.

    Add to the fact that no one came into any real danger, it seems much less “exciting” than the original avatar. Who countless times was in quite grave danger and often was easily outmatched in a fight. Korra doesn’t have that edge the original did nor the sense of adventure. To be honest, I find this story line much more interesting than the original but some characters have been rushed, like the romance which we all knew how it would end, and overall I can’t say I felt more connected to Korra, Bolin, Mako and Asami than I did for Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph.

    So I guess, long story short, I have enjoyed it a lot because it has been great but a few bad bits of writing stopped it from being truly great. I have no clue what they’ll do for Book 2 but I look forward to it.

    • I don’t agree entirely with you as you too easily use the word bad. Yes the plot was rushed and thus we didn’t get as much time to bond with the cast as we would have liked too but with time we were given they did a damn good job. There was some rather grim situations with Korra and Mako in that last fight but it was nothing like the situations in the Earth book of the first series with Aang and Iroh almost dying.

      Having a deus ex machina in the form of Aang was a bit dodgy but all in all it could have been a lot worse. Korra could have just beaten Amon without even losing her bending. They were brave enough to take away the very thing that makes her unique if only for a short while. I’ll admit it wasn’t as good as the first series but it was still good.

  2. I think I’m going to have to eat quite a lot of my words now, a few things could have been developed or explained better but this episode proved a lot of my earlier sentiments wrong. The seemingly dropped plot about Tarllock proved to have a long lasting role and in the end his final act of repentance proved to be one of the most heartwrenching scenes in the finale. Iroh II also turned out to be pretty awesome as well, we still don’t really know him but seeing him take down plane after plane couldn’t be anything else. I’m just curious of what’s going to happen now, with Amon having been completely defeated and Korra being un-nerfed at the last minute what would have been a great premise for the second season is gone.

    Also I think you would have been justified in going further, this was the finale, and a double episode one at that so there was a lot that could be talked about. But anyway, even though I had some minor gripes along the way this was a good show, the animation was great, the characters were underdeveloped but fun, and the story began to come together nicely towards the end, it was kind of disappointing but still good in spite of that. So now it’s just a matter of waiting for that second season, I’m not sure what it could really cover but it would be interesting to get to know Iroh better, and even meet some of Aang’s other kids (Bumi and Kya), let alone the murder of Mako and Bolin’s parents could really make for an interesting subplot. The characters all have potential but it wasn’t really brought out in this season.

    • Not even for a second was I disappointed with the ending. Yes the characters were under developed but Amon’s back story was a work of art. It was pure genius to mix his back story with Tarllok’s. If this level of character development is reached in the next season I’ll be over the moon.

      I’d really like to see more of Bumi and Kya; Bumi didn’t even have to speak and yet we can gauge his personality 100% which is pretty impressive if you think about it.

      The story with Mako and Bolin’s parents could be a good way to start a new season especially if they tie it in with some current events. The potential return of this “murderer” could be an interesting plot.
      Other then that I have no idea what could possibly happen next season as everything and I mean everything was complete. There was no mysteries unsolved which was kind of a let down.

      We can only wait and see I guess.

  3. That. Was. Awesome.
    I can’t even pinpoint what scene entertained me the most – the great reveal of Amon’s identity, the lieutenant calling him a traitor, Mako resisting Amon’s bloodbending, Korra’s airbending, Tarlok’s sacrifice, Korra finally connecting with the the past avatars, various lines of dialogue like “Thanks for looking out for me, Aang”, “Why are there fence posts but no fence.”, and of course Aang’s line. I could keep going. There was also the nice contrast to the previous series, wherein there was Aang who could only airbend at the beginning (or at least, it was the only bending art that he knew at the time) and needed to learn the other 3 elements to best Ozai, and then Korra who was a bending prodigy that got stripped of her bending, but relied on airbending at the most crucial time.
    I have no idea where they could take this though. A new big bad perhaps? I for one would love it if they incorporated the spirit world in the next season, now that Korra has made a connection.

    • “Why are there fence posts but no fence.” Made me laugh so hard. Two seconds of thinking from one of them would have saved them from being zapped.

      With Tarrlok and Amon out of the picture it makes sense that they would introduce a new villain but Amon is going to be very hard to top. The next season is going to have to start out big and something to do with the spirit world would be a good way to start. Seeing Korra get spiritual is a good thing and I hope we can see more of that in the next season.

  4. I’m amazed you managed to keep your post on the finale so concise, mine’s a 1,400 word beast! /v.v

    • Short posts are my specialty. It got a ton of comments anyway so I think I’ve typed a whole lot more then the original 400 words used to make the post. I’ll be sure to give your beast a read.

  5. I really liked it, and the series overall. First, let me point somethings out:

    Korra isn’t Aang, and she really doesn’t share his curiosity, nor his spirit per se, but she does share his motivation, and principles, and I think that is what is reincarnated: the soul, not the personality.

    The series was short. Too short. As such, there were some bumps along the road, but the road is still pretty damn smooth, if you ask me.

    I liked that everything was wrapped up nicely into a neat little bow. I don’t know how I would feel if Korra was left defeated at the end of the series. I don’t know how many fans this would turn away from the show because of that OR, how many fans would therefore find Korra weak, compared to Aang.

    Bolin should’ve had more in this besides being the funny guy.

    The one thing that disliked about the finale is that Amon’s ability to “purify” was never explained. Acerailgun, it sounds like you believe Korra got her bending back because Amon died. I disagree. I believe Amon was using bloodbending around the brain to manipulate some vessels or what have you to subdue their bending abilities. It may or may not have been permanent. I do believe that Aang restored Korra’s ability though, and along with it, element bending.

    I liked the look on Tenzin’s and Katara’s face when Korra restores the bending.

  6. I’ve been wanting to comment since monday, but i forgot my wordpress password so…. anyway I totally agree that the finale was totally awesome and epic! There were too many things to be amazed about, my favorites being the avatar state, 3 seconds of Bumi, Irohman and the Amon backstory.
    Though I was totally amazed by the finale, or rather the whole series ( something I hold my head high upon whenever people give Korra hate saying they prefer the original series ), I was disappointed with certain parts of it. I don’t want this comment to be too long so I’ll only mention my main one: Korra losing her bending and then gaining it back again in the span of an episode. Yes I agree that gaining her bending back made for an amazing finale for an amazing series, only in my ipinion, the duration of her losing her bending was way too fast. It also wrapped up the series perfectly well, so perfect that there’s very few to look forward to for the next season. A lot of people don’t even think there’s a 2nd season! It would’ve made for really good character development from Korra if she had to relearn the three other bending styles from the start and only had airbending to work with, which would also mean she would have more instances in tapping into her spiritual side.

    • Lucky you remembered your password 😛
      Don’t worry about long comments. I’ll read it if you type it.

      Irohman was pretty damn cool and i agree. 3 seconds of Bumi was so amazing. He just yelled and I instantly knew he was my favorite character.

      You are totally correct about rushed feeling the whole losing her bending had. It would have made an interesting story for next season if she had to regain her abilities again but think about it this way. If she had to regain her bending then wouldn’t we just be redoing the entire first series with Aang. We’ve already been on that journey once so we don’t need to do it again. I think that’s why Korra started with all the bending except air bending because that is the only one we haven’t seen somebody learn.

      With Korra having full bending again it lets the writers create a new exciting story for us next season and may very well focus on the minor characters more. I’m excited at the possibilities.

  7. I’m just saying, it could have been the fact that electric fences weren’t invented during that time and Asami’s father was the one who created it? Cause I mean he did invent the car (in Avatar World) along with other technology stuff that no one knew about (like the planes that most likely haven’t been shown before). So its possible he developed electric fences, hence why no one knew about it. As for the finale…I really don’t want to comment. Personally for every good thing in the finale (in the actual season for that is) there was a handful of bad things that irked me. I mean Bryke should have at least made it between 16-18 eps cause I mean look how popular Korra is (at least when it was airing). How in the world could he think that it wouldn’t be good? (that was the reason why it was only 12 eps. They developed all 12 around the same time in case Korra didn’t pick up and became unpopular they would stop after the first season).

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