Posted by: AceRailgun | June 23, 2012

Sankarea Episode 11 – Bunnies and maids

Chirhio is definitely right when it comes to the combination of Zombies and bunny girls. Actually I don’t think it mattered that Rea is a zombie because that bunny outfit was really hot.

No stop it Ace, don’t get sucked in by the fan service you have a juicy story to talk about. Well it’s not that juicy and the one thing I was expected to happen did. They forgave Danichiro because deep down he is just a misunderstood pedophile who deserves a second chance.  But now he’s gone and what little of the plot remains can continue.


After all is said and done all that the characters can do now is toil in pointlessness until either Rea’s deadness escalates or a new element is introduced to spice things up again. It’s possible that Rea’s secret could get out and she is treated differently by society. Either that or other characters could find out she is a zombie one by one and thus join the main cast. At this point I’m just i’m just guessing and doen’t really care which direction the anime decides to take if it even continues past 12 episodes.


As disgusting as Danichiro is I’m looking forward to him returning with a bunch of scientists to cure Rea. It’s going to funny to see the guy with an ontarage of maids, doctors and scientists.


That’s it, not a lot of speculation to be had this episodes as everything was answers and no questions. Still I’m looking forward to seeing Ranko step up her game in her hopeless battle for the love on an unappreciative teenager.




Well that was out of character for Danichiro, not the stabbing sword fight part but giving up his daughter so easily for the time being anyway.


  1. I liked Rea in bunny girl cosplay, but cat girl cosplay would be much better.

    Finally the father understands, a little bit too easily, but finally.

    • Danichiro was a bit too easily convinced but I’m glad he’s out of the picture now. Bunnies are good but I agree with you cats girls are much better.

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