Posted by: AceRailgun | June 19, 2012

New Original Character – Rynn

Rynn is another character I’ve come up with and had designed by Omocha-san. Unlike my other characters Rynn was a spur of the moment idea and has very little back story.


Put simply Rynn is undefined and has very few details assosiated with her. She has no defined age and i suspect I’ll get her drawn looking both oler and younger at some point. Her outfit fits somewhere in the steam punk genre but I’m not sure on the details and suspect it will change bit by bit as I get her drawn more. She also has pointy ears but I don’t really think she is a stereotypical elf as I am not a fan of stereotypes especially when it comes to my own creations.


It’s kind of funny to think about because I’ve constructed this huge ever expanding world of characters in my head which my novel is only a small part of. I doubt I’ll ever get it all down on paper but I can try. Your imagination is a powerful thing and should be embraced. At first I though it was odd that I was creating all these things out of nothing but now I just accept it and am so glad I did. If you’ve ever come up with characters and worlds then you should most certainly embrace them. If you can  accept that part of yourself and are willing share them with other people then I’m sure you’ll be happier for it. Believe it or not there are people around who will be interested in your ideas and I believe I can be one of them.


Click the any of those images to view the amazing Omocha-san’s gallery. Good day to you all and happy creating.


  1. She looks like C.C 😀

  2. I like her, she’s really cute.
    Of course chibi art is requested ♥

    • Thanks. I’ve been trying to find some good chibi artists for a while but all I’ve ended up with is a few lack luster chibis. I’ll let you know when I get so good ones done.

  3. ^ agree with Kai, 1st character that came into mind was C.C. noticed that she somewhat was lacking in the “chest department” (based from the design) which I like a lot XD

    • I had a feeling that’s something people would notice. I never intended for her to look like C.C since it’s been ages since I watched Code Geass. Next time I get art of her there is going to be some tweaks to her design so hopefully she doesn’t look so similar.

  4. Honestly, first thing I thought when I saw the green hair was C.C. as well. It’s the curse of long green hair. That said, when I stopped to really take a look, I noticed plenty of differences (especially the face – C.C.’s is much “harsher”), so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Don’t worry, I’ll never be one of those people who says your characters are “unoriginal,” 🙂

    And as always, thanks for spending money on this awesome stuff so we get to see it! Keep fighting the good fight.

    • I don’t know if it’s a fight but sure I’ll keep fighting it. My pockets might hate me but I plan on getting more art done of my characters so keep and eye out for that.

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