Posted by: AceRailgun | June 18, 2012

The Legend of Korra Episode 10 – Entrance of a great hero

I didn’t even know there was an episode airing this week so when I found out I was over the moon. It was an episode of heroics and defeat and it didn’t disappoint.


The episode was composed entirely of fighting and any point the characters weren’t fighting huge plot changing events occurred. In the grand scheme of things this episode severed to remove all the adults from the city so that Korra and team avatar can have a time to shine next episode in their showdown with Amon.


Getting rid of the adults was a huge task and required not only a child to be born but also an appearance from the white lotus. They defended the air temple valiantly but it would seem they got overrun in the process. Seeing people fighting alongside each other against a common enemy seems to be part of the message Avatar is trying to tell and if we see Korra, the white lotus and General Iroh’s army fighting alongside one another it will be perfect.


I’d have to say that Iroh’s late appearance trumped another airbender baby being born and his battles in the next episode will be something I’m sure will stick with us avatar fans for years.


There was another thing I had to think about a bit and that was the air bending children versus the equalists. They easily defeated the equalists which was something Lin was struggling with. At first I was thinking that since this show is particially aimed at children then obviously this is part of that aspect of the story. Thinking about it a bit more I believe they won becuase they are using a very rare and unique fighting style. This is how Aang won a lot of battles in the first series so it makes sense.


What was your favorite part? Rohan the baby airbender? Sky bison? General Iroh? OR was it that Lin is now powerless and defeated?



    But once Iroh showed his face omg I fangirled 😛 I can’t wait for that one hour finale…next Saturday no?

    • The Iroh part was pretty damn impressive. They couldn’t have done it better.

      The finale is next weekend it’s going to be amazing hopefully Iroh does some fire bending.

  2. Lin!’re my hero too >.<
    The second they said something about a general, I just knew it was the character that "is related to Zuko in one way or another". What ever General Iroh plans on doing will be epic.
    As for the thing about Jinora and the kids pawning the equalists, yeah, I think airbending being so rare caught the equalists by surprise. Plus, Lin's metalbending plays right into mustache guys' electrocution thingies (speaking of, you forgot to mention Naga's epic bear swipe :D)

    • If I mentioned everything I’d have pasted 1000 words. Naga’s attack was so casual which is what made it awesome it kind of made me miss Appa but then all the sky bison showed up and I was happy again.

      I had a suspicion that Zuko’s relatives would be related in some way to the mention of general too but I had no idea that he would be called Iroh. Thinking back at it now It should have been obvious but oh well.

  3. Probably General Iroh as well, when I heard that Dante Basco was going to have a role in Korra I thought it would be reprising his role as a withered elderly Zuko (who I’m still hoping will show up) but for him to voice Zuko’s apparent grandson/someone related to him works too I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll do in the last two episodes.

    But in all a decent episode, alongside being slightly rushed I thought that the love triangle stuff hurt it a bit, but it still worked well enough to destablize the situation in Republic City and as always the action was great, so I liked how it seperated everyone and put them all in an unstable position as well.

    Also on a vaguely related note have you read The Promise yet? The comic that explains the founding of Republic City. I read it recently and the characterisation that it’s giving Ozai as well as the settlement issues that followed the war are pretty interesting.

    • I didn’t even know there was a comic so I’ll most certainly be looking that up.

      I also suspected that Dante Basco would be returning as Elderly Zuko but I think the way he has returned is much more impressive.

      The whole love triangle situation is a bi forced but it could prove to be a very decisive aspect in the finale. With Asami mad at Mako it’s very possible that she will turn on them or hesitate at a critical moment to aid Korra in battle.

      • Pretty much, romance has never been something this series was good at but I’d hardly say it got as much attention, though it’s probably just the low episode count again, with everything that’s been happening episode after episode there’s been very little time to develop the characters and how they relate to one another. And while each season in the Last Airbender had twenty episodes, Korra’s only getting twelve and an extra fourteen so far. Regarding Asami, since she’s really only mad with Mako I kind of hope not but how she was the last one to move on can’t really be interpreted any other way, something has to come from it.

        I think Basco sounds a little too young for Iroh (II?) so far but we’ll see, I agree that it’s much more impressive as well, when you think about it simply bringing Zuko back would have been more fan service than anything else. We want to see him, but his appearance would likely have been pretty pointless, however someone like Iroh fixes that problem. He has all sorts of possible connections to him while being an entirely new character that the writers would have more freedom with.

        There’s only two chapters out right now and it hasn’t touched on Zuko’s mother or Azula’s breakdown yet, but even so those two chapters are great so far, what’s being done with Zuko especially. With Korra’s overall success hopefully an animated version will be greenlit in the future as well.

  4. Favorite part? Hmm… When Lin lot her bending and General Iroh. I had heard that Dante Basco would voice someone so I was pretty excited. I almost choked on my ramen (dinner) when I heard Iroh’s voice. I expected it deeper. Having it sound SO much like Zuko creeped me out a bit. xD

    Is Iroh the grandson of Zuko or Azula. If he’s Azula’s then I’m confused slightly. I mean, who would have kids with someone like Azula? I love her but she’s slightly crazy.
    He can’t be their son though, otherwise he would be as old or older than Tenzin.

    • I’m guessing he’s Zuko and Mai’s relation as Zuko had that special connection with Iroh that Azula didn’t. It was a bit hard to gauge his age because of his voice sounds young but he looks older.

      Azula’s children would be that special kind of screwed up and meeting them would be scary.

  5. Favourite part of the episode? The impeccable timing in which Pema went into labour…

    • It was pretty convenient. The birth was over surprisingly fast too.

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