Posted by: AceRailgun | June 16, 2012

Some anime you might have overlooked

These anime aren’t masterpieces but they are unique enough to reccommend to you all. If you are new to anime or have watched less then 100 anime chances are good you haven’t seen these yet. They are all a few years old but still deserve your attention and here is why.


Arakawa Under the Bridge

It’s a comedy but it’s really strange. You may have overlooked this because the cast look like the kind of theme park mascot you punch as a kid. Fear not because under this exterior there is a group of interesting characters which will make you laugh constantly unless you have had you sense of humor surgically removed so you can bitch on the internet about how unfunny things are. It is flawed but if you can overlook the occasional bad joke and average setting then this anime is worth your time.



It’s been such a long time since I watch this and to be honest I didn’t get all the way through the anime because I enjoyed the manga more and finished that first. But don’t let make it sound bad because it’s not. If you are after a longer more mature story which is the real kind of  mature and not the anime kind where it mean girls with boobs and the seeing of said boobs then this story is for you. It’ clever and just a little bit scary at the same time plus the last panel in the manga is still the most powerful image I’ve seen in storytelling to date.



Eechi at it’s best, sure the protagonist is a massive pervert but at least he tries to be subtle about it. It tells the heartwarming story of a robotic girl who is trying to understand love and I know that’s cliche but it was damn good.  Occasionally it gets complicated explaining the robotic side of the girl and I like that kind of thing so that’s something it’s got going for it. The ending was a bit sudden and a bit of a mess but don’t let that detract from the fun you’ll have watching these two characters interact with the world around them.


Ghost Hound

The best way to describe this is surreal. It’s by the creators of Serial Experiments Lain and it shows. The entire story is unpredictable and constantly shifting tones as the three main characters uncover the mysteries surround the town. If you hate how you can guess the murderer or who will die next in current anime then this one will change your perspective. You simply cannot get ahead of the characters in this anime which makes predicting what will happen next impossible. Supernatural mystery at it’s best.


Michiko to Hatchin

This one is pretty crazy and totally got overlooked as the setting probably isn’t too appealing to most of anime watchers. The story follows the growth of Hana who essentially gets adopted by an escaped prisoner named Mitchiko. It’s pretty much just a slice of life if your life is riding a motorcycle and staying in crappy hotels instead of going to high school and having dozens of girls fawn over you. If your after something different in anime then go check this out.

The point of all this is that I miss the unique anime and I feel like i’m drowning under an ocean of high school students and their petty life problems because they are too wimpy to confess love to the legions of attractive magic girls which fall into their laps. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of unique anime out there I just wish there was more.


  1. Sadly, uniqueness doesn’t sell as well as the formulaic stuff.

    • It’s a real shame. Lucky with have anime like these popping up every now and then.

  2. I’ll definitely second Ghost Hound. Up until the last couple episodes it’s A-level material all around, maybe even a slight improvement on lain. Unfortunately, the ending felt rushed and contrived, but it’s still an excellent show.

    Monster is also excellent as far as the narrative and characters, but I’d probably recommend just reading the graphic novels, since it seems to follow them so closely.

    • The last few few episodes of ghost hound seem to take away from the experience a little bit but I still highly recognized it. Flaws or not it was still an interesting story.

      I read the manga and a friend of mine watched the anime and we both enjoyed Monster as I believe the anime stayed faithful to the manga 100%. I think it’s just a matter of preference as to which one you go for since they are both pretty much the same thing.

  3. Ghost Hound! Such a great series! It’s the one I tend to recommend to people most considering most haven’t seen it.

    You have some really good choices here! Monster is something I’ve always wanted to watch, but sadly have yet to find the time to…I should get to watching that…

    • Finding the anime online for Monster might be hard but the manga should be easily available and they are both pretty much identical.

      Ghost Hound is a strange one. Most people who have watched it seemed to enjoy it yet barely anyone ever talks about it. I love recommending it to people as most anime fans haven’t watched it.

  4. i love Arakawa, it is a masterpiece to me

    • It was great. The wacky characters are what did it for me.

  5. Ghost Hound is one of those anime I’m always planning to watch, but just haven’t gotten around to. And now that I think about it, I never did finish Monster. I feel kind of bad, since it was a rather good anime… It’s just really long, you know??? I’m sure I’ll get back to it some day. XP

    • Monster is a big commitment. The manga was 20 Volumes and the anime is 74 episodes which I can understand is a lot. In my eyes it was worth it but it will take a long time.

  6. Seen mostly all of these, expect Monster. Read some of the manga before, but I am apprehensive with trying to get through 74 episodes. Although, I do agree with you on Ghost Hound and Michiko to Hatchin. Suggest you might want to look at Dennou Coil if you haven’t seen it. Great series ^^

    • I’ve got Dennou Coil sitting around. I’ll need to find it and start it again when I get some time.

      Monster is a big commitment but it is worth it in the long run. I’m sure you’ll be please you read/watched if you ever get around to watching it.

  7. I’ve only seen two out of the five up there – Arakawa was very fresh and unique when I first go around to it, and I still go back to some episodes for the laughs sometimes. Ghost Hound had this eerie atmosphere with it that just creeped me out at first. Slow at first, which is why viewers shy away from it.

    “..the real kind of mature and not the anime kind where it mean girls with boobs and the seeing of said boobs” it’s a sad, yet funny truth ^^

    • I hope we see more crazy fun anime like Arakawa down the line. There is a few things airing this coming season which have potential to be like that so fingers crossed.

      That’s a good point, the slow start in Ghost hound probably puts people off but I think that’s what drew me in. Having a slow paced mystery with that constant eerie feeling is one of the best aspects an anime like that can have.

  8. I would recommend Toward the Terra (Terra e) to anyone who hasn’t watched it. It has got great character development throughout the series. a very good plot and decent action IMO. have seen ghost hound and loved it to the end. the others i would be watching

    • Toward the Terra sounds like something i’d be into so i’ll give that a watch if I can obtain it easily.
      Character development is always something I look for in anime.

  9. @Parth : I second “Terra e”, it’s a nice SF anime. Also, Ghost Hound too, I watched it a few years ago.
    Also, an almost unknown favorite of mine is “Crest of the Stars” (, which has great character development and world building!

    As for Arakawa, Monster and Chobits, well, I tried, but… couldn’t finish them. Perhaps I’ll try again sometime!

    • I’ll have to check out Crest of the Stars too since you make it sound very appealing. It’s hard to find out which older anime are good so I’m glad I posted this and am getting recommendations.

      • You’re welcome 😉
        A lot of anime seem very outdated very quickly, so it’s hard to watch them from a modern standpoint. Do check out Crest of the Stars though, it won’t disappoint you! There’s some action, but the series greatest strength is the way two widely different civilisations are described, and I can’t think of any other anime that explored these kinds of relationships in a more consistent way.

        By the way, I just began watching Michiko to Hatchin, it’s quite good! Some things go a little overboard, like how Hana is treated at the beginning, the acting seems a little forced to me. But otherwise, it’s a good story with a very unusual setting for an anime. I’m glad I heard about it!

  10. Ghost Hound….. an under-appreciated anime series however one of my personal favorites.

    • Agreed. It was certainly something I can look back on and say I’m glad I watched it. I really hope those guys do another collaboration anime because I just know it would be amazing.

  11. All good stuff. I find it hard to believe Chobits got under the radar. I love that show.
    Ghost Hound certainly is unappreciated.
    I think Hitohira is greatly under appreciated.

    • Chobits is a bit old and I think that’s why a lot of newer anime fans haven’t seen it.

      I’d never even heard of Hitohira so that’s something to prove your point. It’s hard to gauge how good an anime like this will be based of a description so I’ll be checking this out. Thanks for the suggestions.

  12. Monster and Chobits are interesting in that most people have heard of them but not too many have actually seen them, at least from what I’ve heard. It’s a shame because they are really good.

    • Agreed. Chobits and Monster seem to slip under the radar a lot which is saddening. I’m not sure why I started it but I’m pretty sure Chobits was one of the first anime I watched online back when I was an internet scrub. I think I watched it before big things like Naruto and Bleach which is pretty funny thinking about it now.

  13. I had read the Chobits manga back in high school and recently bought Funimation’s BD set of the anime series. While the pacing of the anime leaves something to be desired (that’s what happens when you adapt 26 episodes from a manga that’s only 8 volumes) but it’s still a sweet and funny series. I hardly think of it as ecchi because even though it has some ecchi scenes, there’s not a ton and they feel like part of the story rather than added, pointless fan service.

    I watched Michiko to Hachin when it aired (even wrote a review on my blog back then!) My memories of it are a bit fuzzy but I remember it was good.

    I really want to watch Monster one of these days but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    • I like it when fan service is actually worked into the story too and not just given to us in the form of a beach episode.

      Monster is definitely worth your time. It’s long but the story is really well told and very memorable. Plus it’s a bit different from a lot of anime so if you are looking to watch something different from the norm then Monster is a good place to start.

  14. One stupid question, A tip on searching “Monster” in DL Sites? It Keeps returning POKEMON!!!!!!!

    • I think the full title has the author’s name in it. Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, give that a shot.

    • I believe it’s available on if you search for Monster Complete you should be able to find it.

  15. Ahh, so many anime I didn’t watch from that list, I think I only watched Chobits from that list. Because of Sugita Tomokazu (he did awesome with Gintama), Arakawa Under the Bridge had been in my to-watch list for a really long time.

    • You should get onto that. Arakawa is pretty great if not a little strange.

  16. Chobits brings back some fond and humourous memories. I loved the first episode when he was trying to find the power button.

    • That episode was probably the first eechi anime I was ever exposed to. I did laugh because it was so awkward.

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