Posted by: AceRailgun | June 11, 2012

Upcoming Anime #7 Binbougami Ga

It took a while to get motivated but now I am and I’ve started doing my research on the upcoming anime of the Summer season. I started the Binbougami Ga manga and I’m glad that’s where I began.


First off this is an eechi comedy and from the first chapter it also seems like it’s going to try and be heartwarming. Sakura, the protagonist meets a magical girl, Momijin who is a god of misfortune. The god appears to be very unlucky and enjoys cosplaying as a nurse. As far as plots go this isn’t exactly the most interesting and seems to follow the “Write a manga” formula to the letter. The first chapter ends in typical fashion as the god of misfortune moves into Sakura’s house.


The thing I enjoy most about the manga was the character dynamic between the girls and the fact that Sakura is ultra lucky and Momijin is very unlucky. If used correctly this idea could be very entertaining and provide some very interesting comedy moments. For the most part I expect this to be funny and full of fan service but lacking a complex plot.


As expected breast sizes were a key part of conversation between the characters and every time a male character showed up his IQ would drop to zero and he would drool at Sakura’s feet until he was given a menial task to complete. So yes Binbougami Ga is sexist and using a million stereotypes but that’s what it’s about and if you don’t like that in an anime then this isn’t for you.


It’s funny and I’ll be trying the first few episodes to see how it turns out but don’t expect me to blog about it as it’s just mindless fun and nothing more. I’m not sure what to blog about next season and only time will tell.


  1. Hopefully with the director being the one who’s doing Gintama’, it’ll be hilarious. Though I don’t think I’d like to hear the sexist part >_>

    • It should be funny regardless. The characters themselves are perfect for this kind of comedy.

      We’ll it’s sexist towards men for the most part but that’s to be expected. Most anime now days are filled to the brim with stupid male characters that drool over the attractive ladies so it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

  2. I wouldn’t call it sexist as much as I would call it merely establishing Ichiko as the rich popular “snobbish” girl at school. If you keep reading, there’s a guy who doesn’t give a crap about Ichiko who’s one of the main characters, and there are a few arcs here and there, however this is still a gag manga through and through.

    • I’m just calling it how I see it and yes it is sexist but I don’t really care because it goes both ways and as the females use there bodies as the punch line of quite a few jokes.

      I’m sure I’m going to love the more down to earth guy when he gets introduced as there is no way Sakura is going to know how to handle him based on what I know from the first chapter.

  3. This doesn’t sound like a show I’ll be watching unless people start raving about it. I really hope they don’t do anything too painful with that giant syringe in the picture.

    • The giant syringe wasn’t overused in the manga but if it’s animated I have a feeling I’m going to cringe. It’s probably not going to change the way we watch anime but I’m sure it will be good for a laugh at least.

  4. Now that you’ve mention it, I was planning on reading the manga, I guess I’ll do now 😀 Like most anime of next season, I’m still unsure of what to watch [back to try-first-episode-before-deciding method], which reminds me, sill have to draft my summer watchlist . . . .

    • I don’t have a summer watch list at the moment so it’s just watch one of everything and see what doesn’t suck. Binbougami-ga seemed funny enough so hopefully the anime version is watchable. We’ll see soon enough.

  5. You interested me with this series, I’m going to investigate more and maybe watch a couple of episodes as well as soon as it starts airing. 😛

    I wonder how many series I’ll watch this season…

    • I had no idea what it was until recently so I though it was worth checking out.

      Do you think you’ll end up watching as many things next season as the current one?

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