Posted by: AceRailgun | June 10, 2012

Avatar Korra Episode 9 – Old Friends

I’ve always been a fan of dual stories being told at the same time and this episode did a great job at linking the past and the present. As predicted Amon got wind of Korra’s kidnapping and played a role in her rescue although it didn’t go exactly as planned and he left empty handed. 


The two stories told this episode were essentially the same thing just with different characters in a different setting. The outcome isn’t important but the roles the characters take were. The main connection you should have made was between Tarllok and his father. Both played the role of the evil bloodbender out to rule the city and to most people that is where the connections stop. But I’d like to remind you that you missed a critical piece of story telling and that would be the person who defeated the evil bloodbender.


Amon is Avatar Aang. Well he takes his role in the story as the element which nullifies the evil bending. Both act quickly and remove the threat permanently which is a huge shock and in both cases will have huge consequences. Both Amon and Aang had some kind of resistance to blood bending. Aang has his Avatar state but Amon doesn’t which raises the question as to why he is still able to resist something so powerful and the only concussion I can come up with is that he lacks blood. I’d assume that he is at least partially robotic something which isn’t as far fetches as it sounds or is a direct descendant of Aang which could explain his power. I’m sure this will be revealed next episode which is a double episode finale by the way.


I’d also like to touch on just how happy I was to find out Sokka became the head councilman. I knew he was cool but he really matured  in his adulthood and took up such a powerful position in the city. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the city was his idea in the first place.


Lastly I’m going to go ahead and guess the huge cliff hanger the series leaves us on next episode. Korra will  loses her bending. She won’t air bend just yet and I assume that is something that will come next season.


  1. Now I feel bad for dissing on the metalbenders.

    Yeah, I like the possibility of Amon being partially robotic. Automail did exist back then, as seen from Combustion Man (speaking of which, that was an awesome call back by Sokka). That, or he’s just one determined guy. Katara kinda did the same thing back then, but I guess her being a waterbender was what tipped the scales.

    And, hearing Toph say “twinkle-toes” again was pure win.

    • So many good call back. I was impressed by the voices of Toph and Sokka. The new voices fit them so well it’s scary. It’s nice to see that after so many years they were all still sticking together except for Zuko. He’s missing in action at this point so I hope he gets to do something fancy in the second season.

  2. Kind of disappointing to see Tarllock taken out of the picture so easily, for a story where the main issue is balance between benders and non-benders, he could be seen to represent the side where bending is taken too far, while Amon the side where non-bending is, and Korra right in the middle. So it felt like a complete cop out to take him out of the picture so quickly and anticlimactically, though I must admit it does raise some questions.

    For Nickelodeon however the flashback was good, it was nice to see the old characters again and it was probably as dark as they could get things while being unable to kill any characters off. And for a cliffhanger that would be great, the thing with Korra is that she came into the story having pretty much mastered everything so if she really does lose her bending it could be interesting to see her start from scratch again.

    • The whole idea of starting from scratch was probably avoided because it would be too much like Aang’s journey in the first season. But it could work especially if she has to regain the elements through meditation and possible something to do with the opposite of chi blocking.

      I think the series was originally only going to be 1 season but then got extended to 2 or more so that might be why Tarllock got eliminated so easily as it has to make room for a climatic showdown between Korra and Amon. On the other hand he was set up as a powerful character to show just how much more powerful Amon really is.

      • I’m starting to think so as well but it still shows poor writing, Tarllock and all the flashback stuff was built up to be so much, and then absolutely nothing significant comes from it. With another season however I can see how they wouldn’t be able to drag it out though, Aang’s journey had a lot of room to go off course and mess about while Korra’s one has been a lot more linear so far.

        That would be pretty interesting, if it’s possible to take bending away there should also be a way of regaining it or giving it back to those who had it wrongly taken from them. And other than the elements there’s also how Korra uses them, as you’ve said it could be to avoid any parallels with Aang’s journey but she came into her story at around the same stage he was two thirds into his. So there isn’t as much room for her to grow if her story were to be given more time.

  3. Ah, crap. I ditched cable a long time ago, so unless this online I will not be seeing this anytime soon. Was a big fan of the original one. I am not missing out on too much, am I? :3

    • You are missing out on something which is better than 95% of all the anime released in the last 5 years. It’s pretty easy to find it online and I suggest you do.

  4. “Amon is Avatar Aang”

    If that was the case, Korra wouldnt even get born in the first place.

    “better than 95% of all the anime released in the last 5 years.”

    Oh, brother…if we’re going there – Young Justice is the best USian-written cartoon right now, hands down. Korra is kinda nice, but its very lazy.

    -We cant think of a good story for 12 episodes, what do we do ?
    – Make it 11 episodes !!
    – Still too long !
    – Right, insert an awkward teenage romance plot, that will kill some time, and make half a show be about sports team, thats something formulaic and doesnt need any story whatsoever ! I’m a genius !

    • You’re a killjoy and abusing quotation marks.

      Say what you want but deep down you know this is better then most of the cookie cutter anime being pumped out now days.

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