Posted by: AceRailgun | June 9, 2012

Sankarea Episode 10 – Contains spoilers for Clannad

Such a tragic back story for the pedophile. I feel so sorry for him now because he was just a nice guy with a heart of gold that loved his wife and loves his child.

No! Screw that, stopping giving these awful characters sad back stories because I’m not feeling sorry for a pedophile. The only purpose of a sad back story is to make you feel sorry for the character and it doesn’t work if the character is horrible in the present. It’s the Minene from Future Diary situation all over again and I’m not falling for it. Being a school kid murdering bomb terrorist one minute and then a sad tsudere with a dead parents the next is not going to change the fact that you were a bloody school kid murdering bomb terrorist!


The only sad part of this story is that Rea’s mother died young before she could raise her child. It’s Clannad all over again except without the same father. Personally I would have loved to see more of Rea’s mother and the way her family reacted to Danichiro’s proposal. If they ever exist and aren’t tragically dead which is a possibility because she is in a wheel chair after all.


The other failure of a sad story is Aria’s story. She’s a maid that turned out to be a replacement for a dead women. What did she expect when she fell in love with a cold hearted rich man? Money I hope because she isn’t getting any love from him now. I do feel sorry for her because her personality is so broken that she doesn’t just give up and go find a man that will love her. Over the coarse of the entire flashback Danichiro never showed any sign of loving her and I noticed that in 15 minutes. It took Aria a lifetime to realize her mistake but she is too broken to do anything about it.


Looks like next episode is solely about Rea in a bunny girl outfit. So lets look forward to that.


  1. I don’t approve of you comparing Danichiro to Minene. They are both very different, she’s just a bomb terrorist while he hurt Rea which makes him far more evil.

    • She KILLED children so she is far worse then Danichiro but in reality both their crimes would land them a long time in a prison.

      • Children we know nothing about. We’ve all come to love Rea.

      • Well that’s an interesting way to look at it. Let’s just be grateful Danichiro only takes photos and doesn’t get hands on.

  2. Hmm…I think I have to disagree about this episodes intended effect. I honestly don’t think they were trying to put Dan’ichirou in a positive light. If they were, they’d probably show things from his side, letting you know his thoughts or something like that. The approach they took is much more conducive to a thought process like yours. You almost start to think he’s okay, but then you catch yourself and go “Wait, NO!” Sankarea’s been pretty good about getting you on the intended side so far, so it’d be weird if the creator(s) *wanted* you to like Dan’ichirou and still did things this way. I definitely agree with the conclusions you reached, but I just don’t really think the show was trying to really put him in a positive light in the first place.

    Also, “Let’s just be grateful Danichiro only takes photos and doesn’t get hands on.” << DEAR LORD YES! The show would be true horror…

    • I see your point and your probably right,

      The one thing that saddens me is that even though I know Danichiro is bad news after hearing about his tragic life Chihiro is most likely going to become chummy with him and they will part ways on good terms instead of Chihiro calling him a huge perv like any normal person would. That’s what frustrates me the most.

  3. Ahahah, I thought the same. He was quite a charming guy before Rea’s mother death.
    Now he’s just a monster…:E

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