Posted by: AceRailgun | June 3, 2012

Site Mascot Artwork Round 14 – Life Lessons

There is one of each character this round. The commissions are getting out of hand but who cares because I just love seeing my character in new poses and even moving around.

Before I get rambling make sure you click on the Cassie image by snow-mishibari as it links to an animation.

Ririkuto did another great image for me this time it was Isabelle . Nijiiru did a great job with Alpha in an alternative outfit which I just noticed looks like a swimsuit so make sure you click that for a full view.


I had some fun expanding the character concept of Isabelle a bit and the results speak for themselves. Allow me to drop a knowledge bomb on you and give you some advice in the next paragraph or so. Because we all know that you’ll take the advice of a faceless stranger online to heart. I decided that Isabelle can control fire now, purple fire to be exact. I know you’re asking yourself why is the fire purple and the simple answer to that is because purple matches her hair. No she isn’t a firebender from Avatar but that might be where the idea came from, who knows. I gave Isabelle a thick coat because she can’t get warm and coincentally the fire plays off that idea nicely.

Now onto the precious advice that you are craving. Don’t ever say someones original character looks like another character from popular anime or game. It’s impossible for me to take offence to any insult ever because I am a hardened soul and understand a comment can never affect me as a person but it’s really annoying and I know other artist take offence when there characters get called unoriginal.

I just find it funny now because in all the deviant art comments I’ve read about my characters I’ve noticed an amusing trend. Cassie has been called pretty much every character with wings ever. That and Edward from Full Metal Alchemist because of the whole metal arm deal. It’s amusing because off the top of my head I can think of dozens of characters with artificial limbs yet people only ever mention Ed. I’ve even been linked to pictures of angels with mechanical wings before. So getting to the point.


Please stop linking me to pictures of angels I’m not really into the idea of angels. In fact I don’t even really see Cassie as an angel. Her wings are simply a trait that allow her to move differently from other character.


On an amusing side note Isabelle was called a litwick by a teenage deviant art user. (It’s a Pokemon.)


  1. Haha!!! People sometimes… Honestly how can they be so weird or just plain stupid?! Haha keep up the moe girls! Isabelle as Alpha look great!!

    • I haven’t got any more ideas for new girls at the moment but I’ll definitely be getting more images of the current girls done. I have no idea what goes through the mind of other people when they decided to comment on art but it is pretty funny to read.

  2. Great as usual, love the Cassie’s “serious” expression in the animation. So adorable >.<

    • Cassie’s never serious so I really liked how that turned out. The animated stuff is always great.

  3. I love Cassie’s animation.

    I’m curious if you can really call anything an original idea. You have to get inspiration from somewhere, it’s just up to you whether you manage to make that idea your own creation or it just becomes a copy of something else.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve said that exact same thing before at some point so I totally know what you mean. I guess some people make comparisons automatically when they see original art.

  4. …that last pic is…YANDERE! 😀

    • Alpha’s eyes glow constantly so that look is easily achieved. I’m glad you like it. 😛

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