Posted by: AceRailgun | June 2, 2012

Sankarea Episode 9 – Mero’s time to shine

So that whole thing with Chihiro being kidnapped obviously wasn’t very important so the series takes a step back in time to show us Mero’s daily life. She is fairly interesting so I’m okay with it. 


There wasn’t too much to talk about as Mero’s friends weren’t that interesting but once it got to the scene with Mero and Rea in the graveyard there is oodles of speculation to be had. The biggest reveal was the poorly lit images of Mero’s mother. As usual when an anime child has a dead parent they have a single memory of that parent; in this case it was a memory about a mother tending to her sick child with is about as standard as it gets for children’s memories. The catch is that Mero’s mother reminds her of Rea or in other words Mero’s mother reminds her of a zombie.


Now I’ve already speculated that Chihiro’s grandmother could have been zombie as his deranged grandfather seems to know a bit to much about zombies to have no experience with them. That and he potentially wrote some of the books Chihiro has been using to care for Rea. But I might have been wrong in assuming that as it could well have been Chihiro’s mother that was the zombie. This would also explain why Chihiro’s father is so casual about the whole situation.


Here is where it gets juicy. If Chihiro’s mother was a zombie(Damaged as shown by the bandages) then a glaring piece of information is given to us. She died. I’ve heard theories being thrown around that Rea will sadly pass at the end of the anime/manga and this seems very possible now.


Of coarse the anime could well end in 2 or 3 episodes which is not enough time to finish the story and I’ll have to go read the manga if that is the case. It doesn’t help that next episode is most likely another character back story. This time Rea’s mother is the center of the action and it’s probably going to be a dull and depressing episode at best.


  1. I appreciate the lolis, but not the sudden change in story. We should see this episode at the end of an arc not in the middle.

    • I thought so too. It would make sense to add this at the end or at least between episode 7 and 8 so as not to interrupt the kidnapping arc.

  2. Well, it seems we can only go and continue reading the original manga. There’s much more to the story compared to the small two arc story featured here…:P

    • I’ll definitely go read the manga after if the anime ends at 12 episodes. I like the story and would hate to miss out on the rest of the story.

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