Posted by: AceRailgun | May 21, 2012

The Legend of Korra Episode 7 – Bolin the Airbender

I’ve got to say that’s it’s a real pleasure watching something where the good guys don’t always win by using overpowered moves and friendship. Every serious battle in Avatar so far has ended badly for the main characters. Korra doesn’t save the day with super bending and even the police chief and a master airbender cannot pull of miracles when out matched by giant robots.


Korra’s situation has taken another turn for the worse after revealing Mr Sato is plotting with Amon. I suspected that something wasn’t right with the Sato family but I thought it would have been Asami to turn evil not Hiroshi. Asami just turned out to be the innocent misunderstood race car driver.


Speaking of race cars, what the hell. It was cool and all but it still feels out of place in the avatar world even though a lot of time has passed and the same goes for the robots Hiroshi and his men were using. Lightning gloves are one thing but mechsuits are another.


The whole situation with Amon is only going to get worse now that he’s got his hands on those things. It’s only a matter of time before Amon starts his war and Korra is given a chance to shine. She could use the avatar state in a fit of panic or she might use airbending for the first time. There is also a chance she’ll just fail miserably and the city will fall into chaos which as sad as it would be would make for the most entertaining thing to watch.


I can speculate all I want but I’m at a loss this time. Anyone else have any idea what is going to happen next?



  2. i was kinda scared that this would be another filler episode (because of the little pool scene in the beginning) but I was quite happy as to how the whole episode turned out.

    “She could use the avatar state in a fit of panic or she might use airbending for the first time. There is also a chance she’ll just fail miserably and the city will fall into chaos”
    i think one of these two would most likely happen. although the fall into chaos part sounds much more appealing to me as it would be a pretty good cliffhanger for a possible next season.

    • It’s going to be a killer if the city ends in a war to end to season. All that waiting isn’t a good thing.
      Personally I’d prefer the Avatar state over airbending but either would be great.

  3. Oh damn, the Cabbage guy!

    Bei Fong was pretty awesome in this episode, using Toph’s earthbending trademark and also taking down a mech Wolverine-style, but her subordinates were, well, pretty useless. The Dai Li were loads better, lol

    I’d love to see Korra in the Avatar state. Wonder what’ll happen if Amon tries to energy bend while she does so.

    • Korra could end up dead if that happens. Lin using Toph’s moves was so great. All the little call backs are what makes this show so great. Like the cabbage mans statue for instant, that made me laugh when I saw it.

      The Dai Li didn’t have to fight against giant robots so you can’t fault the metal benders entirely. They just got caught off guard that’s all.

  4. The Industrial Revolution only occurred within around a hundred years or so, before that things were still very much rural based, it’s a big chance but it’s kind of plausible for things to have advanced this far so quickly. However I’d have to agree that the mecha were pushing it though, and their sudden mastery of electricity is a little weird as well.

    Putting that aside, I thought this episode provided a nice way of presenting the sort of people that the equalists are, there’s sure to be people with them complaining that they’re being oppressed, but alongside them there are also those, like Mr Sato who have had their lives were destroyed by benders. Mr Sato himself was an otherwise well adjusted man who you wouldn’t have suspected would bear such sentiments but one incident in his past pretty much destroyed him, either way it was a strong point to make.

    On a side note it’s nice to see that things somehow worked out for the cabbage guy, let alone that he passed his grudge down to his descendants.

    • Hiroshi’s backstory is tragic but I like how it turned Hiroshi into a equalist but not Asami. Maybe she was too young to be affected but it still shows strength in character. That and when she turned on her father was an interesting moment.

      Cabbage guy is amusing but having a statue of him was a bit overkill. Just the name alone hints at the connection between him and the company and I figured it out long before we see the statue.

      • It really does, to think she’s even dating a firebender is remarkable and for her to be able to forsake her father for Mako says a lot for her feelings towards him as well. In a sense he’s all she really has now.

        I don’t think it was meant to be subtle at all, it was more of a meta throwback to those who watched and loved the original than anything. Either way there’s just something about a reccurring gag ending up like this, while his cabbage stalls being continually destroyed was insignificant to the story it still had some big results.

  5. This show has such a steampunk vibe to me. I don’t think Korra has mastered airbending fully just yet and she never has time to practice. Bei Fong has Toph’s attitude all the way and I love it. The electricity is not shocking because there were signs of it in the original Avatar. It’s enjoyable watching Korra getting humbled. I’m not a fan of the scenery and I am getting bored with the city but I know we will be there for a while. I don’t know why I have this feeling that Ammon is a bender.

    • You don’t like the city? I thought it was a great setting to be honest.

      I’ve suspected Amon to be a bender as well. It would be an interesting twist but it i seeming less likely now. It would be a way to cause his downfall though. If he had to bend to defend himself or save one it would cause a collapse of the equalists.

    • I actually really like the steampunk vibe. It makes this show different from it’s predecessor. Plus, it’s really awesome.

  6. Asami is not to be trusted!! It is only a matter of time before she reveals her true colors….I don’t know I get that feeling.

    • Something about her just doesn’t sit well with me either. I’m not sure what it is yet but time will tell I suppose.

  7. WHEN WILL KORRA ENTER THE FRICKIN’ AVATAR STATE?!? There have been so many oppertunities where I was like, “Yes! She’s gonna meet Aang!” or, “She’s gonna kick someone’s ass!” but no. I cannot wait. Any. Longer. Bryke, please, why must you be so cruel?

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