Posted by: AceRailgun | May 20, 2012

Site Mascot Artwork Round 13 – Isabelle

So this is Isabelle and she is a new character I’ve come up with and got designed by Omocha-san. Like last time I’ll state that she is not a new site mascot Cassie will always be the mascot, Isabelle is simply a character I wanted to see drawn. I’m sure a lot of you have a character idea in your head that morphs and changes as you watch new anime, read new stories or play new games, Isabelle is that character for me. 


Isbelle is a ghost. You can’t really tell from the art but that’s okay because it’s the thought that counts. I came up with Isabelle back in early 2008 when I was taking creative writing as an extra coarse at College. At that point in time she was just one of many character i’d come up with for short stories and the story she was part of actually won me an award. At that time she had a different name which I can’t remember now, shame on me. But I remembered her concept recently and redeveloped it into what you see here.


In the last few days I’ve been nearing the completion of my first novel, Artifical Angel (first draft) and I’ve been thinking about what I want to write next as I really enjoy writing. That’s where Isabelle comes in and Alpha does too actually, I’ve decided they are part of the same story which should be interesting to develop further as Alpha is a mute robot and Isabelle is a prankster who is also a ghost.


I was a bit hesitant in getting Isabelle created as I know somebody is going to say she is similar to X anime character but then I remembered I don’t care. People say Cassie and Alpha look like their original characters all the time or even anime character but then I remember we live in a world where no idea is 100% original anymore even if we really want it to be.


So I gladly unleash another purple haired ghost kid onto the unsuspecting world to join all those other purled haired ghost kids. Enjoy the picture guys and be patient as more are coming. Ririkuto and hopefully Isangkutsarangmoe are working on some more Isabelle art which I am looking forward to seeing.


I’ve also noticed a few other people are getting characters designed or are drawing there own. Link me, I love seeing what people can come up with.


  1. I await her chibi pictures ♥

    • I’ll make sure to get some just for you.

  2. Lol, hard to see that she’s actually a ghost from the picture, but she looks cute indeed 😀

    • It’s more a back story then a critical element in her design at the moment. I’ll try and make it more clear in future commissions. For the time being cute is all I was going for 😛

  3. Seems that its really time for a blog mascot 😀 Good design btw (an opinion coming from a lolicon)

    • I’m happy to hear that you like her.

  4. I suppose I’ll need to take her home too. What a sad life…:P

    • You would love to do that wouldn’t you. I’ll have to get a magic girl designed just for you.

      • Now that’s something! Mahou shoujos are important!

  5. Why do you ask people to draw all this characters btw. I like this one. Not bad. The hair colour pretty well coloured

    • That’s like asking an artist why they draw; because I love to see the images in my head take form that’s why.

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