Posted by: AceRailgun | May 19, 2012

Sankarea Episode 7 – Zombie shopkeeper

Sankarea is rubbing Ranko’s sad one sided childhood love in are face. They shamelessly show us how cute she is as a child and how her actions lead to Chihiro maturing into the socially adept teenager with one friend more than he would have had if she ignored him.


Ranko reminds me so much of many other characters from anime that probably would have got the man of their dreams if a magical Zombie/alien/dragon/gothic lolita/interdimensional murderer didn’t show up and win the bland protagonists heart. It’s kind of sad but I can predict with 100% certainty the ending of Sankarea.


If Rea is kept alive indefintaely then she will become a couple with Chihiro at some point but if her deadness overcomes her and she dies then Wanko will most certainly get Chihiro. Then again the series could pull the shit Bunny Drop did and give up on nice love stories in favor of incest. Did you hear the Mero, you still have a chance if you want to be lovers with your brother.


Nightmare fuel aside I did enjoy the little tale of Chihiro childhood. Something about a kid that loves horror movies is really funny but you’ve got to think that zombie guy at the DVD shop would have this thought in the back of his head. “That kid is messed up and will probably be violent in his teenage years.” It’s kind of amusing to think that he’d let him hire those movies so he could show a little girl. She ends up liking those kinds of movies later anyway so I guess it didn’t matter too much.


Maybe next episode we’ll get to see some more of Rea. From the preview it look like they start trying to fulfill her dreams stating with clothes shopping. Daddy even comes along to stalk his precious little zombie so that’s going to be amusing to say the least.




  1. As sad as Wanko’s story is, I don’t see a way to break apart Chihiro and Rea as an ending. Doubt it will happen in this series, though…it’s too short. I’d say it’s just a first season that ends with everyone being friend zoned.

    • The friend zone approach is also another option. If it’s only 12 episode then that’s very possible. I’m hoping for a longer series though. Hopefully an 12 episodes at least.

  2. Even if Rea dies, I don’t see Chihiro choosing Wanko. She’s clearly just a friend to him. It’s not like she’d ever give up, but Chihiro avoided that kiss in such a way to make his feelings clear.

    • Agreed, It’s unlikely for now but if Rea is out of the picture at the end he might realize what an idiot he has been.

      • I’m not even sure he realises her feelings. Certainly before the kiss, though after it should be an obvious give away, but I’m still not sure. I stand by Chihiro still not choosing Wanko no matter what.

  3. Can Chihiro get more pathetic?! The more it goes, the less I find myself liking him…:P

    • It’s not that bad. Sure he’s scared of women now but that’s the natural progression of the standard anime protagonist.

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