Posted by: AceRailgun | May 19, 2012

Anime Podcast #2 Conversation about the current season

It’s more or less a conversation I had with Yerocha and Marth. We talked a lot about currently airing anime as well as a couple of upcoming anime and old anime we are watching. There is no intro or outro music because this is all about the conversation and not music.

We were a lot less awkward then last time so it should be easier to listen to. That and I edited out the static so don’t worry about your ears bleeding. This is the first part of a two hour conversation we had so there is a another part i’ll probably upload next week.


I listened to it twice so I think I got rid of the bit with the motorbike but I know there is some stuff where Yerocha’s connection makes him sound like he’s talking fast so forgive that please I am sorry I didn’t fix it.

Enjoy; Comments appreciated.

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