Posted by: AceRailgun | May 14, 2012

The Legend of Korra Episode 6 – Amon’s plan

As predicted the pro-bending tournament ended with an appearance by Amon. He not only steals the show but he also proves a good point about how three bullies are praised as the winners of the bending tournament even though they cheated. Having Amon beat them personally was a nice touch but it might actaully scare off some of his supporters.


Korra did get to kick the leader of the wolfbat’s ass in a one on one which was done in classy Avatar style but appear from that she had little success this episode. She carelessly falls after her victory at the end which causes Bei Fong to lose her chance at facing Amon. Before now I would have suspected Bei Fong to get mad at Korra but it seems they are buddies now.


The past is bought up a lot lot this episode too which is the benifit of having older characters but it’s a tease because we don’t get to see any flashbacks. Persoanlly I’d love to see Tenzin and Bei Fong as children but if they were children it also means that you’d see their parents which in this case is Toph and Aang. We already know who Tenzin’s mother is but we still haven’t been filled in on who is Bei Fong’s father which I feel will never be explained.


Korra does have a flash to the past after she takes a lightning bath but it still doesn’t explain much. A mysterious evil man appear a few times but until Korra has a proper flashback or enters the spirit world to talk to Aang we aren’t going to learn much.


There is no indication as to what will happen next episode so I’d assume it’s something to do with an uprising. That’s what I want to see anyway but we’ll probably just get some filler explaining so new minor characters or something along those lines.



  1. Persoanlly I’d love to see Tenzin and Bei Fong as children but if they were children it also means that you’d see their parents which in this case is Toph and Aang.

    I thought the EXACT SAME THING when I watched this episode. I feel like it would be cool to either have a flashback arc or maybe 6 bonus episodes later to kind of bridge the gap between time periods.

    I’d love to see another series after this one that shows literally all 75 years that have passed. It’ll never happen, but a man can dream…

    • Glad someone agrees. We might get a bit of that stuff when and if Korra talks to spirit Aang but it will probably only be one or two episodes tops. Animating a middle story would be a lot of work and i’m sure it would be well received by the fans. For now I just want to see more of Korra and Amon.

  2. If Korra had airbending, she’d have been able to chase that blimp easier, imo.
    The sooner she masters it, the sooner she’ll be able to face down Amon at full strength without having to worry about his tricks.
    I wish those flashbacks Korra gets would get some explanations, but maybe that’ll get addressed later on.

    • I’m sure Korra will have a lot of flashbacks later once she starts going into the avatar state. Amon’s probably going to be around for a while yet as there is still a lot of episodes left so a fight between him and Korra probably won’t be until the end and hopefully she has mastered airbending by that point.

  3. Amon really is a master of propaganda, it may a little unbelievable that a group of people with taser gloves could dispatch all the security that Lin set up (though they did have the element of surprise) but otherwise it was well planned out. Especially given that he orchestrated the entire match. Without doubt his appeal to the public was going to be a success.

    Secondly it was also great to see Korra and Lin team up, there was just something fun about seeing two characters who were at odds before getting along and facing off against a common enemy, and of course the animation and the coordination for the action sequences were excellent as well again.

    • The animation of the fighting was my favorite part, it’s always so well done as every move is planned out perfect and the arena was taken into consideration this time as well. Fighting on glass isn’t smart.

      After Amon’s little performance i’d say an uprising is imminent so it’s likely that Korra and Lin will get to fight together again.

      • Looks like it, we’re only six episodes into it but things are still moving fairly quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it occurs at the halfway point of the show. But either way Korra and Lin have a fun sort of dynamic between them, in a sense they’re similar but different, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to see them team up again before that.

        It always has been and has to have been my favourite part as well, all the actions are thought out nicely and executed well regardless of what may be happening, particularly as we saw Korra propel her self in that scene. All the little things about it were just great.

  4. This is great. The last part with all those awesome action is what I was waiting for. I can’t wait to see more of this flashback. I hope it does the some thing like what happened to Ang, if not i’m going to be disappointed. A little bit of how Ang actually looks like when he is an adult was great as well.

    • Adult Aang is the manifestation of badass. He’s got that whole beard thing going too which was a nice touch. I’m sure Korra will have some more spiritual moments if she sticks around Tenzin which means that we’ll most likely get to see her in the avatar state and the spirit world at which point I’m sure we’ll get some longer back story moments.

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