Posted by: AceRailgun | May 13, 2012

Story vs Panties – Collaborative post

Which is more important? Story seems like the obvious choice  but who’s to say that panties aren’t equally valuable. You could say an engaging story will always trump mindless eechi fanservice but you would be wrong. Panties sell as well as a good story and it’s a whole lot easier to create a panty shot then a complex story.


I asked a handful of people to answer a three word statement “Story vs Panties” and here is the results. As expected the answers are very different and all shed light on this tough subject.


I think this is one of those balances that’s more delicate than how people approach it. Sure, we’d all like to believe that there can be shows that are all story, but practically, it just doesn’t happen. I get it…I get that fanservice/ecchi acts as a hook of sorts…it can make scenes interesting and introduce comedy. But what I prefer to see is implementation in a way that makes it look like the producer is making some effort. A panty shot is easy. Girl bends over without paying attention and boom, you got it. If that happens over and over again, then it makes me think that the producer can’t come up with a better way of doing it. So just convince me that you’re trying, okay? Marthaurion – Marth’s Anime Blog


Story or Panties, I think this is one of the biggest questions humanity ever faced in their long history. Thousands of philosophers spent their life thinking of a possible answer. Try to think about it, you get to choose between the two most important element in an anime series. What would you do? I would choose panties for sure and ditch story development away. Don’t get me wrong, I like good stories, but I like good fan service more. It’s just a matter of priorities after all! Feal87 – Emptyblue


“For me, a good indicator of the writing quality in a series is not the frequency with which we see panties, but how much effort is required for us to see them. I can believe that there are strong winds occasionally, or even frequently, but when I see two girls spontaneously stripping down in the middle of a fighting ring for no reason? That’s usually a sign I should stop reading in about one or two story arcs.” Yerocha – Shades of Grey


I don’t really care if panty shots are in an anime or not. In some cases, it’s simply expected to be there. It’s always bothered me to read about people complaining that an eechi series has too many of them. It’s like complaining about how a comedy has too many jokes in it! Now, when a series has a story where adding in panty shots seems unnecessary, I’m still not going to be terribly upset, but it can at times make me appreciate the anime less. Although I don’t care all that much if it’s there, I know people who would rather it not be there at all, and this makes me less inclined to recommend the anime to other people even when the story could be really good. Lostty – Animeprincess


When it comes to panties, it’s important to consider the appropriateness of the design vis-à-vis what the material is attempting to cover.  Combined with the right angle and a deft touch, a classic design can be so much more appealing than something that’s different just to be different.  And don’t just stop at the surface; you have to get deep inside to truly appreciate panties.  And by “panties” I mean “stories.”  Kabitzin – Seaslugs


I don’t think there is a clear winner. Both appeal to different audiences and those audiences are equal in size. Both these aspects of anime will have to live in harmony, for now.


  1. you know, i think my own thoughts on Story vs. Panties can be summed up by a quick review of To-Love-Ru, a harmless story about a human accidentally proposing to an alien princess. Every chapter is about the main character, Yuuki, getting into a wacky adventure where he grabs a girls tits, pulls a girls pants down accidentally, etc. This happens every chapter for 162 chapters, with small to almost no story. Depending on your reaction to that, is how you would enjoy the series. Then again, i hate this premise, yet i could read the whole series in one day and enjoy it. So my thoughts on Panties vs. Story: Depends what day you catch me.

    • It’s not so bad when the entire premise of the anime in question is about panties and nudity. So I can understand why To-Love-Ru has appeal but when they stick one random panty shot into a serious drama or a slice of life it suddenly becomes “perverted and weird” which like Lotstty said stop me recommending a lot of good anime to people I know.

      If the story is about perverseness then I don’t mind a million panty shots and might even watch it but don’t go sticking a single panty shot in my mysteries, horrors and drama.

      • You sound like a man that would enjoy “My Balls”. I’d look that up if you don’t know what it is.

  2. There’s certainly nothing wrong with fanservice. Story should be the main focus as pure fanservice will be boring and probably not lead to any interesting developments. In moderation it is best to compliment the series and not overshadow it.

    • I can agree with that as even the most perverted stories in anime have some sort of story even it is just a way to get some more unique panty shots happening.

      But if the entire premise is panties then I see no reason why story can’t be abandon entirely.

  3. I like how I’m the only person here who put quotation marks around my entry. Not sure why I did that.

    I would have a much harder time deciding if feal was joking or not, had I not been around him so much.

    • I think I’m the same. I can tell it’s a joke, well I hope it is but I can see someone that’s never seen him before thinking he’s just a massive perv. Did you hear that Feal? Feel free to quote me on that. 😛

  4. i think a handful of panties can only enjoyed thoroughly when the story is very well done. i hate eiken because its nothing but perversion.

    • Stuff like Eiken is for a very niche audience which I’m proud to not be a part of. There needs to be a balance if panties are involved.

      • eiken does have a story to tread on but it mostly downs itself with giant boobs.
        i guess an ecchi i enjoyed plot wise is b gata h kei.
        girl who hates her stuff. pretty awesome. XD

  5. I agree with most, fanservice is not wrong, it is when it outweighs the story *ahem* nisemonogatari *ahem* but in the end its all about personal preference, shimapan or slice of life, nothing really matters as long as you enjoy 😀 (at least thats how I think)

    • Enjoyment is the key factor in any entertainment not just anime.

      Nisemonogatari was filled with fan service but that’s all it was suppose to be so I can’t blame it for that.

  6. Ahahah, amusing answers indeed.
    Sad that only me and Kabitzin did joke about it…:D

    • If everyone did jokes nobody could take it seriously so it’s nice to have some balance. But I do appreciate a good joke every now and then.

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