Posted by: AceRailgun | May 13, 2012

Initial Character Concept – Cassie

So this isn’t a normal anime post it’s just something I was thinking about and since this is my blog I’m going to post about what I want to post about.


I was thinking about how I came up with Cassie and it turns out it’s more complicated than I remember. She’s changed a lot since the initial idea too which surprised me.


The initial idea for Cassie wasn’t even Cassie herself it was a story concept which involved a man who fishes off the top of a mountain through the clouds. This man eventually became Hale, a character from the novel Cassie is part of and yes he does live on top of a mountain. Cassie came from the idea of having someone meet this man. I wasn’t really planning on writing this story at the time it was just an idea I had in my head.


Obviously living on a mountain means that nobody can reach you so I broke that barrier by having a character with wings meet him. This is how Cassie came into existence, but at the time she was just nameless faceless angel of unknown age. I fleshed out the character and ended up with a little girl called Cassandra which eventually got shortened to Cassie.


So I had Cassie at this point but not in her current form as she had both her wings and both her arms. I felt a bit bad for “injuring” her at the time even though she is a fictional character, I had just watched a bunch of anime and games that had robots and artificial limbs and I thought that’s what could make my character unique because if your character isn’t unique then nobody will remember them. It’s a sad fact but it’s true.


I think the big question I ask myself is what exactly inspired Cassie and what characters led to her exact design. The idea of having a child surrounded by adults is quite rare now days and that’s what i decided to go for. It happens on occasion and I think one of the best examples of it I can think of is a character called Lily from a series of novels by Matthew Reilly. Ken from Persona 3 are also examples of this. Having a clear age difference is the thing I like about these and  it lead to Cassie being as young as she is. Her personality is just that of a child and nothing more. I known a few children in real life and if you mixed their personalites together you’d probably get a slightly more angry Cassie.


Random Trivia

Cassie gets injured a lot in the novel, she gets stitches in her forehead and cracks her collarbone too. She even falls in an icy lake at one point.

Cassie is the only child in my novel and most of the cast is over twenty years of age.

Cassie’s full name is Cassandra although nobody calls her that, she doesn’t even call herself that

Cassie has an older called Aura.

Cassie’s story is set in the future even though her world lacks most modern technology. Her story would be set after Alpha’s even though Alpha is a futuristic robot.


  1. Is it from a real published novel? Or a novel you written yourself? I think you write your own stories too if I’m not mistaken. Nice post though, nice to see how the mascot Cassie came about. I hope your mascot will have some sort of collaboration with Danny Choo’s mascot, Mirai-chan soon.. wahaha.

    • It’s from a novel I am writing myself. It’s about 80% complete so it’s getting to the point where I am looking back at all my old notes for editing purposes and that’s how this whole post came about.

      I don’t know about a collaboration with him. He’s famous, I’m not. It would be nice though.

  2. Poor Cassie she gets hurt a lot.

    • She’s tough so she can take it. Once you lose an arm and a wing you can pretty much deal with anything.

  3. Are you going to sell it online or just published your in-progress novel here?

    • I’m going to sell it online as i’d like to make some money out of it.

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