Posted by: AceRailgun | May 12, 2012

Sankarea Episode 6 – Zombie on the roof

So rea is back to her normal self which means no more fan service and a lot more clothes. The anime has finally taken a turn in the direction of story which I’m happy about and it can only get better from here.


I am amazed that it was so easy for Chihiro to convince his family to let Rea stay in his room. I am incredible happy about as it avoids that terrible situation of keeping everything a secret which tends to happen 90%  of the time when it comes to unique girlfriends in anime. Props to Chihiro’s father too for being so awesome, someone get that guy a high five and a medal for being a the best father as of late. Although his competition is stiff since his only rival for the award is Rea’s creepy father who has his heart in the right place but just crosses so many lines with ease.


Chihiro’s sister was also up to something this episode and she is the only character in this anime so far that I can’t read like a book. She has that mysterious factor about her that still hasn’t been explained, she seems to be jealous of her brother and she even blushes when she is thinking about how happy Chihiro must be. You might have missed it because it was very subtle but I’m positive it happened.


Wanko on the other hand is probably jealous but mad about it. She’s already accepted Rea as a love rival and at this point she is losing badly. It was incredible how fast Wanko worked out Rea was a zombie which is a point in her favor but can she really compete with an actual zombie?


Next week it look like there will a lot of Wanko’s backstory so maybe she isn’t out of the game just yet.


  1. So I wasn’t the only one who caught that blush…I can’t read the sister either.

    • I only saw it the second time around when I was skipping through looking for an image. It was so subtle I almost missed it. She’s got to be up to something interesting. Maybe she’s scared of zombies or something.

      • I kinda wrote it off when I saw it…I couldn’t make any conclusion because of how hard she is to read…it’s almost frustrating.

      • It is a little bit. She really throws a spanner in the works because all the other characters are so simple in comparison.

  2. Wanko was so jealous that she knows of Rea’s injury, but still goes on a tsundere rampage. Helping Rea is more important than hurting Furuya.

    • It was an impressive tsudere rampage as well. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of that from her as well.

  3. Now a filler episode and then NEW STORY ARC! 😀

    • I can’t wait to see what direction the story goes from here. Will it be a beach? Or maybe just back to school.

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