Posted by: AceRailgun | May 10, 2012

Site Mascot Artwork Round 11

So Cassie is taking a bit of a break this time to some extent and letting Alpha have some screen time because even minor characters need some love.


I got a few more commissions of Alpha recently and here they are. Alpha’s outfit has taken an unexpected turn as of late and has ended up more minimal than the original design. It’s because Isangkutsarangmoe created such a cute little outfit a while back and now everyone’s using that as a reference image. I didn’t notice until recently that shes also got antenna things in her hair that I never remember asking for but that’s okay because they fit the character. It’s interesting to see how the design has evolved especially after I tell the artists she is a robot.


Cassie’s still around this round and this time I got her drawn even younger. So now she’s about five instead of seven. Age is a tricky thing to convey in anime style drawings but I think Starry Shizen did a great job.

A few more things for anyone who actually reads these posts. First off I am planning on getting one more character designed in the next month or so. I think three characters is the limit before it becomes too much so this is the last time I’ll get a new character for a while. I’m not going to give away any details but I think “she” is a bit of a prankster and will be wearing something with a winter feel to it. This character is even more unique than an angel and a robot so I hope you guys and girls will like it.

I also got some more chibi artwork of these two recently so the next art round won’t be too far off. Ririkuto is also in the process of creating John Sato’s prize of Cassie in a Kino inspired outfit so expect that to be part of the next round.

On another random note I’ve started a post about Cassie’s origins and development which is more complicated than I initially thought. If you are even slightly interested in that post some feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Alpha + Cassie = I’ll take them home!

    This is mathematics, nothing strange so keep moving! 😀

    • One day you might trick me but that day is not today. 😛

  2. feal is not the only one… ♪

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