Posted by: AceRailgun | May 7, 2012

The Legend of Korra Episode 5 – Roar of a Polar bear dog

Teenage love and angst fills this episode and to be honest that doesn’t really appeal to me so early in the series. We barely know these characters so it doesn’t feel right to start pairing them up but I guess this is exactly what the fan base wants so I can agree with the direction so far as they are just trying to please the fans.


Bolin gets his heart broken in less than 15 minutes and to make it worse it’s by the girl he’s going to spend the rest of the series with. Korra also gets her heart broken but she’s tough and can deal with it so no loss there.


But dodgy love story aside it seems the series is trying to rush the pro-bending tournament so it’s done with leaving more room for the uprising. It seems unlikely the group can win the tournament with the facts provided but since this is targeted at a younger audience it’s only natural they will overcome the odds and win. I expect this to be done in style much like Korra’s last match this episode. Someone might get injured or some huge plot point could be revealed. I suspect even Amon might try and get in on the action and that could lead to a draw.


Either that or something big will happen which makes Korra leave. The task force she is part of could call her away before the match or someone like Tenzin or his family could end up in danger which requires her to leave. I’m doubtful that the opponent wants a fair fight against the avatar so there is a chance they might be responsible for said situations.


Here’s a sinister thought for you. Tenzin is killed or incapacitated and cannot teach Korra airbending. Korra would have to go across the world to meet another of Aang’s children to learn airbending and it’s also possible that Tenzin’s children or at least Jinora would also go with Korra.




  1. It does seem like they’re rushing the probending now that you mention it. Shame though, I really like the probending scenes.
    BTW, if Tenzin does die, then Korra has to learn bending from either Jinora or the other two kids since Aang and Katara’s other kids aren’t airbenders. Their daughter (I think her name is Kya?) is a water bender while their other son, Bumi is a non bender (so in Harry Potter terms, a squib).

    • I didn’t realize that they weren’t airbenders. That means it’s awful for Korra if Tenzin is killed off. It would leave Jinora in charge of airbending training which would be interesting to say the least.

      The probending is nice to watch but compared to the stuff with Tenzin and Amon it’s just not as interesting. It’s not really heading the story anywhere amazing if you catch my drift.

  2. If Tenzin were killed/incapacitated Korra would probably have to go to the Spirit World and talk to Aang himself to get a few airbending tips.

    Just occured to me that we haven’t seen Korra go into Avatar state yet, would’ve thought the peril she was in last episode might have triggered it but, no…

    • Learning from Aang would be cool but Korra has no spiritual side at the moment so she is kind of screwed.

      She needs a really dangerous situation to occur before she’s going to trigger the avatar state. Which might also help her realize her spiritual side as well.

  3. Not sure how I feel about the shipping/love triangle aspect of it either, they started pushing Korra and Mako together at the end of the second episode but it still doesn’t feel right or even that it has a signifigant place in the story at all. I’m with you on this, they should let us get to know them better before or strictly keep the relation between Korra, Mako, and Bolin as bros.

    That aside this episode didn’t feel particularly eventful, pro-bending is fun but I don’t think it could entirely carry this episode on its own. Also that twist would be an interesting one, aside from being able to meet Aang’s other children and possibly even Zuko’s successor (said to be a daughter) it would also show us the effects that their world’s equivalent to the Industrial Revolution have had elsewhere. Surely everything isn’t limited to one huge city.

    • A couple of days ago information was released about Aang’s other children and neither of them are airbenders so that means that if Tenzin is out of the picture airbending is going to be very tough to learn. Jinora and Aang would be the only possibilities.

      I think travelling outside the city would be interesting too. I’d love to see the rest of the world and how it’s changed.

      The pro-bending should be over soon enough and let the real plot shine.

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