Posted by: AceRailgun | May 5, 2012

Sankarea Episode 5 – Babu is watching you, always.

So there is an image of a cat for you, at least I think Babu is a cat. There was a lot of nudity this episode but I didn’t really want to put that as the title image so the nudity is further down. 


So it was implied heavily that the moment Rea attacked Wanko she would begin to eat her. She dive bombs Wanko and commences licking in spectacular fanservice fashion. Rea’s stomach wound opens up again and starts bleeding which for a moment made me think Rea had bitten into Wanko but that wasn’t the case as Rea is just an innocent girl who just wants some affection.


Yes it was a nice way to add some fan service but I’m more interested in the ramifications of Wanko’s screaming. Chihiro’s entire family heard that and no doubt will work out why. Mero is a smart girl so I’m sure she’ll find out about Rea living in her brothers room but she’ll probably keep that to herself and not involve her father in the matter. Unless of coarse they cover up the screaming as a reaction to a zombie movie or something and they’ll stupidly play the oblivious family.


Now Wanko is another story all together as she has witnessed the nudity and zombieness of Rea living in her crushes bedroom. I assume she’ll keep it to herself but she’s going to be hard to keep quiet. First off she is going to slap Chihiro for being perverted in typical anime fashion, then she’ll probably try and tell someone in the house but Chihiro will beg her to keep quiet.


It seems like there is still a lot more characters that will be introduced in later episodes. Some of Meko’s classmates appear in the opening and i’ve seen images of another blonde girl with Rea circulating the internet so there is still a long way to go before this story is complete.


Oh yeah about the nude screen shots. I lied.


  1. Nude screenshots aren’t necessary, I’m sure all of us have seen the episode and always have google. Besides, Baabu is cute.

    Baabu got the instinct to eat leaves while Rea got the instinct to experiment with Wanko. I’m more interested in how she can move because she should be in rigor mortis. It’s superntural, the only explanation.

    • Maybe Babu did something to Rea while Chihiro was out. It’s the only explanation I can think of that makes sense. But since Babu is an unintelligent animal it still doesn’t make much sense.

      • Babu being an intelligent animal capable of such a thing is too far fetched but zombie resurrection isn’t?

    • Its obviously supernatural…she’s a zombie. Also, rigor mortis only lasts a few hours so that part isnt supernatural

  2. Theres an orgy in your mind now isn’t there hahaha 😛

    • I’m not that dirty minded but I wouldn’t complain if that happened.

      • haha same here!

  3. Im kinda annoyed at the ending I really wasnt expecting that nor I actually wanted it to happen, I really really wonder whats going to happen next now that Ranko that noisy girl knows about Rea. :/

    Btw is Babu alive or something, his eyes seems normal?

    • I wasn’t expecting Ranko to find out so soon but i guess it helps them as a group if more than one person knows there is a zombie in Chihiro’s room. I guess they will probably try and fulfill Rea’s desire to experience normal things. I see a beach episode on the horizon.

      I’m not sure what the deal with Babu is anymore as his eyes change color once an episode.

  4. Ranko i’m starting to like her. Or maybe I like the other girl which looks like Ranko, that one has a better famine side to it. Rea is awesome but definitely out of the picture since she is dead anyway. Don’t remember the blue haired girl but damn I like her voice 😀 Not quite sure where this anime is heading but i’ll continue to watch it since it’s quite good so far.

    • I wouldn’t say Rea is out of the picture just yet. She might be dead but she is still very pretty.

      I with you on the stories direction as it’s going nowhere at the moment.

  5. bbbbaaaabbbuuuuuuu!

    It seems with each passing episode this series has more and more fanservice in it. I guess most people are happy about this…

    You’re right in saying that this series still has a lot of characters it still needs to introduce. I hope that means this anime will get a two season run, rather than just 12 episodes.

    Personally, I have a feeling Wanko is going to end up blackmailing Chihiro as he begs her to keep quiet about Rea. Either way, it’s clear Rea won’t be able to stick around in his room safely for all that much longer.

    • I didn’t even consider the idea of blackmail. It’s very possible that Wanko could come up with something she wants in return for her to keep her mouth shut. But she didn’t really seem that evil so I’m not sure.

      I’d like it to run for 2 seasons too. If it’s only 12 episodes long then we are already at the halfway point and that seems unlikely for this story.

  6. as lostty was saying just before….

    bbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuu! So lovely it hurts! 😀

  7. wonder if this will end up like nisemono (where fan service equals/outweighs the story) not that I mind 😀 Just love that expression in Wanko’s face as Rea kisses Chihiro, I can sense a lot of compensation for what happened.

    • I hope it doesn’t end up as bad as Nisemonogatari was in the end but it looks like it will to be honest.

      That moment is going to be referred to constantly throughout the series. Chihiro’s first kiss wasn’t Wanko so she is going to be mad.

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