Posted by: AceRailgun | May 1, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Episode 4 – Is this really horror?

Spending a night at a haunted school building has never been as plesent as this. Instead of monsters and ghosts it was girls in bikini’s and Teiichi sleeping in the same room as three girls that all have a crush on him. Oh the horror, i’m shaking in my boots because I just realized this is a harem. The horror of a cliche harem has even taken the horror genre away from me and replaced it with relationship flags and cute girls being cute.  What’s more the character all realize that their situation is something from a bad horror film and decide to play off the tropes instead of systematically dying until the love interest is all that’s left.


Momoe jumps into the role of first to die and stays behind in the dimly lit room waiting for the ghosts to come with her. She realizes this after a moment and decides to become the first joke instead of a casualty. Everyone else wanders off in search of what’s lurking in the darkness and when Yuuko kidnaps Teiichi, Kirie becomes the second victim. Lucky for her they find her drenched in tears of cowardice instead of blood and all the guys watching go “awww she is so cute I just want to hug her.”


But i’m not completely disappointed with the story yet and certainly not giving up on it yet. Sure the potential for an interesting plot is slowly slipping away but it’s not all lost yet. Among the boob shots and nudity their was some nice little reference to the paranormal and the evil ghost which has it’s eyes set on Kirie. Lets just say if the story hasn’t gotten serious by next episode it’s not going to.


Hopefully that ghost creates a disturbance next episode and doesn’t just fade into the shadows when Momoe comes back.


  1. honestly, im a little disappointed that the show is slipping away from the science into the supernatural…but meh

    • It is a bit disappointing because it’s heading in a direction neither of us expected. It could still curve back to the scientific route but I guess it’s probably going to stay as it is.

      • well…crap…

      • It’s unfortunate.

  2. Same here, I was quite disappointed too! -_-

    But it was okay-ish and not really expected…

    • Well it’s not what I expected but it’s not bad. Yuuko is fun to watch and the atmosphere is great.

      • Yeah, it’s great. The positive thing in the series is that the characters are always lively and fun looking.

  3. I’ve never seen something truly scary from anime so this actually is what I expect from anime horror. I don’t like scary horror so I’m happy with this. Only true psychological thrillers can make an impact and the anime I’ve seen isn’t like that.

    • I think Higarashi is the scariest anime I’ve seen and compared to that Dusk Maiden is tame. It’s not really trying to be scary which wasn’t the first impression I got from it.

      It’s more character driven which I like.

  4. Being forced to sleep in the same room as *three* girls that all have a crush on him seems like a pretty horrific situation to me. The drama that would result…ugh (shudders). They may wait with the main story until, like, episode 8 and just keep hanging around. If the anime can only cover one main story arc, they’d want to end the show on that high note. And I can’t imagine this show getting a (good) story arc that’s 9 episode long. I don’t know, like you said, I guess we’ll see.

  5. Horror? I’d say more fanservice to be honest…:D

    • Yeah I was expecting it to be horror after reading the first tiny bit of the manga but I guess I was wrong. Even ghosts and darkness only hide panties and nudity now days. We’ll be telling are children “Son, the only thing under your bed is the panty monster and that thing is awesome.”

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