Posted by: AceRailgun | April 30, 2012

The Legend of Korra episode 4 – Fragments of the past

So after being knocked unconcious by the best villain in a modern story Korra experience her first visions of the past which gave us a glimpse of Sokka, Toph and Aang in adult form and boy was that something to see.


The interesting thing about the avatar as a character is not only the responsibility that get thrust upon them but also their ability to communicate with past avatars. Korra is new at this and has yet to communicate properly with any avatars but I suspect it is something we will see in future episodes. Not only will we get to see Aang again but there is a chance Roku and the others will appear too. Although Korra does lack any sense of air bending which I feel was key in communication with spirits in the last series so maybe Korra will struggle to find aid in her previous lives.


She is going to need to seek aid in characters like Tenzin for the time being but I doubt that will last as Amon’s plan may involve eliminating powerful figures in Republic City such as Tenzin and the other members of the council. I doubt even Chief Beifong or Hiroshi Sato are safe as they are influential figures in the city.


It feels like the pro-bending tournement has taken a back seat recently to the whole Amon situation and jumping back into it now might feel like a step in the wrong direction. The only benefit I can see the pro-bending having is teach Korra new ways to fight. I’ll admit it’s entertaining to watch but in reality they are fights without consequence and in a story driven show those fights are going to get old fast.


All I can say now is I hope we get to find out Amon’s plan soon. Maybe he could join the pro-bending to spice it up a little.


  1. Korra’s vision was a real treat. Though I gotta wonder if the spirit world is still accessible, with all the technology and stuff.

    • Good point. Maybe she’ll have to channel a lot of old meditation etc to connect with the spirits. Either that or she’ll connect to the internet.

  2. Whoops, I used the same header image as you in my episode 4 post without even realising it! Sorry!
    I think Amon may be one of the greatest sort-of-but-not-really anime villains I’ve met in a long time- he’s truly intimidating, and that’s just not something you get with many villains these days- shows keep trying to make them all relatable! Bring back the ruthless, super-villain I say!

    • It’s a powerful image and one of the best from the episode so I don’t mind.

      I like the use of a morally grey villain as it’s better than “I’m evil for the fun of it and I also like to be mean” type villains but that’s just me. Good villains are so rare lately.

  3. Heh, I wasn’t able to watch it on air due to a business meeting… I’ll probably watch it today or later. >_<

    • Make sure you tell me when you do. This episode was a good one.

  4. LMAO! Amon joining the pro-bending? How the hell is he going to bend? He can’t even bend lol! Doesn’t make a lot of sense there. I just hope it’s not all about that tournament. It seems that they are getting into the serious part already. And it’s going to get interesting because Korra just got herself a rival. Damn her rival is beautiful.

    • Who said he can’t bend. Oh he did but he’s bad and nasty so he was probably lying.

      It was a bit sudden pairing up Asami with Mako and it seems like it’s something permanent too. Unless she turns out to be part of the non-bending revolution Korra is going to have a battle on her hands for Mako. She could just go for Bolin instead. He’s a nice guy.

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