Posted by: AceRailgun | April 29, 2012

Music Time #5 – Best of battle songs

Upbeat motivational songs which get can get you tense as the characters enter battle. Of coarse they also have another element to them and remind you of sad things. These aren’t just songs they also tell a story and every time I hear these songs I remember those stories.

Gurren Lagann – Libera me from hell

A strange fit as it combines rap with oprea singing. There was a lot of different versions of this song but this is by far my favorite. Row Row Fight the Power!


Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Magia 

This is a song which is best played with a your headset up really really loud. Every time I hear this I just remember poor Homura’s story and the stuff she went through that nobody is fully aware of except her.


Evangelion 2.22 – Fate

A bunch of whiny children are forced to battle giants and aren’t very good at it. At least it’s backed by some nice tunes.


Katanagatari – Bahasa Palus

I’m pretty sure rap is always good when it’s backed by this kind of chanting vocals. Plus it helps that the rapping isn’t about sex and money. Shame on you western rappers.


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle – A song of storm and fire

Another song which has mutliple versions. This particular version is my favorite and reminds me not just of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles but also the other big Clamp series such as xxxHolic and Cardcaptor Sakura.


  1. eargasms (~▽)~ Love the Madoka and Tsubasa Chronicle songs…I haven’t seen Tsubasa though.

    • Tsubasa is worth watching. There is plenty of other good songs in the OST as well.

      • I agree with cely-belly. Magia and A song of storm and fire are my all time fav epic battle songs along with sadame But I’ll disagree about Tsubasa being worth watching. As a CLAMP fan I was disappointed that in the few eps I watched I noticed distortions of relationships and characters 😦

      • That song is great.

        I’ll admit Tsubasa had it’s weak points and did get a bit stale in the middle but the movie and ova crossover with xxxHolic were up there with the best of Clamp anime. It’s worth watching solely for that.

  2. WOW! I thougt that Gurren Lagan Song is fail because of the opera-like music but the rap saved it from the pits of hell… Haven’t seen any of the animes BTW

    • How have you not seen any of these anime? Go watch them especially Gurren Lagann before you start bagging the opera singing. 😛

      • Been busy with work and studies and got crappy internet connection! Gurren Lagann is in the pipeline, Got Steins; Gate on top of my list

  3. Have to agree with Magia, just seeing Homura try to save Madoka endlessly combined with an awesome sound track brings epicness to a whole new level!

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