Posted by: AceRailgun | April 28, 2012

Sankarea Episode 4 – No pants, no problem

I couldn’t tell if she was trying to be a cat or a zombie in that scene but either way it was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. 


So the whole plot took the turn I expected it would and now Rea is living with Chihiro and the plot will probably revolve around them experiencing all the things that Rea couldn’t experience with her father around. The other plot point is dealing with the fact that she is a dead body. It sounds grisly but it’s a very unique concept and it’s already started to take effect in the from of rigor mortis. It’s a bit strange that Babu didn’t have rigor mortis after being kept on ice for a week and still doesn’t have it now.


I suspect it’s the fact that he is eating that is keeping him from “rotting.” Rea hasn’t eaten a thing since she became a zombie and the scorching hot shower she had probably didn’t help her condition either. Not being able to move properly is going to be a huge problem especially in a teenage boys room or if her father shows up.


Rea’s father seems to be out for blood after his wife accidentally motivated him to get out of his creepy photo bath. He did so by putting on a display of manhood which excited his servant a little too much and his drunk wife didn’t even bat an eyelid. I can see their relationship falling apart completely in the next few episodes but it’s also possible that they will become closer now that he has no daughter to drool over.


It looks like Chihiro and Wanko get some hot zombie action next episode but we are just going to have to wait a week before we get to see that.


  1. It’s twisted, but the father does love Rea. So much he takes a bath with all her photos. I hope he’s not sexually attracted to his daughter though ignoring his wife does suggest this.

    • I don’t like to say it but I’m certain he has feelings for her of a sexual nature. He hasn’t acted on them which is a good thing because that would be crossing a very dangerous line.

  2. Omg she was gorgeous! That lucky bastard Furuya gets his fetish, and a completely hot one too. XD
    That was really funny how Rea was trying to figure out how to use a loofah, but at least she made a good appeal in the process. ^^

    • Agreed she is super beautiful even though she is a zombie. Walking into that bathroom is probably the best thing that has happened to that old man in a really long time the lucky guy.

  3. Can’t believe Furuya didn’t try to abuse her the first time Rea was…… Not so sure what will happen to her body, I just hope it stays that way. And shit her father is going to come back….

    • I really don’t want her father to come back but it’s almost certainly going to happen. I hope her body doesn’t start to rot too. She’s great the way she is.

  4. Pants are overrated! I demand a U.N. resolution forcing beautiful girls not to wear pants! 😀

    • Agreed. Pants are totally overrated.

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