Posted by: AceRailgun | April 26, 2012

The Legend of Korra episode 3 – Step sideways, avoid lightning

Once again Korra acts as an uneducated monkey and gets into a lot of trouble but that’s okay because twenty episodes from now we can look back and see how much she has grown and matured as a person. For the time being she is a powerhouse of bad decisions and brute force. 


The thing that I find most enjoyable about the series so far is all the call backs to things from the first series. Characters using metal and lightning bending in everyday life is strange to see at first but it shows evolution in bending and it also excites me for the potential of new bending techniques that could emerge later in the series. On top of that the villain is using techniques that took Aang sixty episodes to master and it’s only three episodes in.


For the first time in a long time the villain is a serious threat to not only the protagonist but also the entire city. It’s very possible that an uprising could once again separate the benders and start another war. Which ironically was the one thing that Amon said caused all the previous wars as is now using as a motivational device to start an uprising which could result in the very thing he is against.


Another thing that has returned is chi blocking which is a unique fighting style used to counter elemental bending. I’m assuming the chi blockers are desendants of Ty Lee from the original series and that this will be explained in detail at a later stage.


Here is a random prediction for you to consider. Korra loses her bending ability and must find a way to regain it in order to stop an uprising. I’m she’d learn some respect if she wasn’t so strong.


  1. Korra is a total landmine XD. Her attitude is very different from Aang’s or Katara’s, ( very weird for me at first), so her character development should be different from them as well, which should be pretty interesting thing to watch. Korra losing her bending is looking like the direction the show is going for, then maybe she’d learn airbending or something when that’s going on.

    • At first I thought she was kind of like Katara but then I quickly found out she is something different entirely. I totally agree, completely losing her bending is a scary thought but it might eventually put her in a state of mind that supports air bending.

  2. Amon could be another avatar. Aang did die in the avatar state at the end of season 2. Going by what the previous avatar said, the chain would be broken and the avatar would cease to exist. Obviously they couldn’t really know this because Aang regained his avatar state and I’m guessing no other avatar died in the avatar state.

    So I’m going with Amon being some sort of anti avatar with chi abilities and no bending abilities.

    • That is a great theory and I support it. It kind of supports the fact that he is trying to bring balance to the city as well. It would be interesting if later on down the track Amon reveals that he can actually bend an element.

      Anti-Avatar sounds impressive and certainly raises the stakes.

  3. I did enjoy this episode, but I’d hate to see Korra lose her bending. It’s almost a scary thought. But I don’t think all chi blockers have to be descendants of Ty Lee. I’m pretty sure there were much more people that knew it other than her, and with lots of practice anyone can do it. Though I do enjoy seeing those refrences to the first series.

    • Almost a scary thought? It is a scary thought. Having the main lead of the show being useless isn’t going to be a good thing in a city facing a potential war.

      I suspect that Ty Lee could be the mother of chi blocking, similar to how Toph is the mother of metal bending.

      • Okay. You got me. It’s a terrifying thought. What will the city do with it’s leading lady out of commisson?

        I’ve never thought of it that way, but I do like how you put that.

  4. Ty-chama approves of this nod at Ty-lee in the form of Chi-blocers…
    So, it’s agreed, Amon’s a brillaint villain? It’s so rare to get such an actue sense of peril in a show these days!

    • Yep, Amon is a brilliant villain and I can’t wait for his grand plans to be unveiled. It’s only a matter of time before he does something scary.

  5. I knew it was coming when he said that he had the power to take one’s bending away, but I totally didn’t expect Amon to actually energybend. The scene where Zolt’s bending went from lightning, to fire, then to nothing at all was excellent.
    The call back to Ty-lee’s chi blocking was awesome. Now I wanna see someone fight with Mai’s style

    • You mention that one scene that essentially drained Zolt’s power. That scene was marvelous not only did it demonstrate his power being taken but it showed us that lightning is the step up from fire in a very informative way so that people new to the series could fill in the gaps.

      All the people fighting without using bending are impressive to watch as they all seem to know chi blocking. Next episode looks full of fighting too so that going to be great.

  6. I think I’m finding Amon’s cause to be more interesting than his abilities at the moment, when first viewed bending simply comes across as cool abilitie in an otherwise lighthearted fantasy series for the heroes to fight the villains with, however when all that is stripped away another side is exposed. Aside from the crime seen in this, just think of all the atrocities and such that could have happened in the original between benders and non-benders. He has his points and they’re not exactly weak, it’s actually kind of strange seeing such a grey villain in a Nickelodeon show.

    That said, just how he got those abilities is still pretty interesting as well, could he have made some sort of deal in the spirit world for them?

    • Amon’s back story is going to be good. I’d like to know more about his childhood as well as how he came to be a leader. It could turn out to a really interesting little story. What’s been explained so far about his past makes bending seem evil and in some cases it is.

      Korra’s already dealt with many different gangs which center around bending. It’s only a matter of time before balance tips in the favor of Amon and there is some kind of uprising.

  7. More will likely rise up to take their place but it’s still only a matter of time before there’s an all out large scale revolt, either from benders pissed at the lack of protection of from the non-benders sick of being opressed. That said I still wonder just what he intends to achieve, even his backstory seems suspicious, it fits the part but it doesn’t exactly seem like enough for someone in his position.

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