Posted by: AceRailgun | April 25, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Episode 3 – Trust is broken

Yuuko sure did a lot of prancing around naked this episode which is no surprise from an anime in this day but strangely the nudity helped the plot somewhat. By being nude it show the contrast between the form of Yuuko  that Teiichi sees and the form that Kirie sees. That and she is really hot so i’m not complaining.


Before I stop talking about the nudity i’m jut going to say that I think Yuuko is the only character to pull off the nude fetal postition and look funny instead of depressing.
It took a while but Dusk Maiden finally decided it was a horror anime as well as a romantic, comedy and eechi and added some horror aspects which were played up by Silverlink’s art direction. Yuuko looks genuinely frightening in her mangled form and this really changed my perspective on her as a character. Kirie mentions that she is a malevolent spirit and I don’t doubt that but I’d say for this episode she came across as something more like a succubus which was trying to lure Teiichi god knows where.


You can see at the begining of the episode that Yuuko is already in her mangled form but Teiichi is too blinded by her delicious curves to notice. I’m starting to wonder if Kirie will always see Yuuko in her mangled form or if she will be able to see past that like Teiichi can. That is if her beautiful form even exists and isn’t just something Teiichi is using to delude himself. I’m sure there is some potential for Yuri in the situation I just explained but don’t hold your breath. If things stay the way they are then I doubt Kirie’s fear of ghosts will ever go away.


Next episode looks like it will explore the fact that there is other ghosts at the school but we will see.


  1. I question at which point an anime becomes horror >.> I still don’t see it. I saw the whole change of form as a play of perception like what happened in the second episode. Wasn’t really scary…I actually thought it was intriguing. Still don’t think this show deserves the horror label….

    • Horror is just an label anyway and something that is horror doesn’t necessarily have to be scary. I’m intrigued as well. The whole Kirie situation has a lot of potential.

      • I’ll just sit back and wait for her to be kidnapped. I assume it will happen eventually.

      • That won’t surprise me. It’s going to happen at least once.

  2. Well, at least it wasn’t all “comedy” for once.

    • It did get a bit serious but seeing the lighter side of death for me is amusing to say the least. It’s better than everyone being sad all the time. Probably 🙂

  3. This definitely made things a lot more interesting. 😀
    I like how they actually include a reason for the fan service and not just throw it in to please the crowd, that was pretty good!

    • Having a reason for fan service justifies it our elite eyes 😛
      Now we can have nudity that not only looks good but also tells a story.

  4. the naked fetal position was really funny, not sure how she actually pulled that one off but she did and was cute instead of weird.
    Could I actually get on your blogroll, I will add your to mine!

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