Posted by: AceRailgun | April 24, 2012

Site Mascot Artwork Round 10

Well this is an interesting situation as I’ve reach 10 site mascot posts at the same time I’ve reached 200 posts. Which means I need to do something special for you guys.


I’ve decided to run a another competition but this time everyone has a chance to win. The winner of the contest gets to pick an outfit for Cassie or Alpha for a commission I get. I’ll admit it’s not a super awesome prize but it’s a million times better than everyone who isn’t giving out prizes. To enter all you have to do is write the outfit in the comments and pray I like it. It can be cosplay or an original outfit so get creative. The good thing about commissions is that you can pick a pose and expression to compliment the character and outfit so if you have a pose in mind add that to the comments too.


The winner will be the idea I like most but if two or more ideas are good I may get more than one commission done. I’ll leave the contest open for three days so you guys have a chance to think about it if you really want to win. I also reserve the right to have no winner if you guys all suggest Shu cosplay.


But enough of that here is some artworks from this round. Some were expensive and some were cheap but I think they are all awesome. Aelysiumb won the first contest and picked the Fate Zero outfit which I love.


  1. Hmm I’m thinking something bubbly would be nice this time.

    More along the lines of a 765 Pro cosplay outfit~~~

    However, if you’re looking for something a bit more racy, I think Panty would be nice :3

    We can discuss the pose after I win XD

  2. Some kind of cute animal cosplay.
    Pikachu would be cute.
    Chibi is also a nice addition.

  3. Wow, how much do each of these commissions cost?
    I thought about it, and I can’t think of a better character for her to cosplay than Lina Inverse.

  4. Chii from Chobits would be nice 🙂

  5. Wow Saber Cassie looks awesome ^^
    Hmm, best I could think of is Alpha as Rei Ayanami

  6. Hope you are feeling better ace rail gun, and are now out of hospital. I would love to see cassie in the following character outfits
    1.princess of the crastal outfit from Mawaru Penguin Drum
    2. edward from fma:brotherhood jack from black jack 21.

    • I’m feeling much better now thanks. It was a bit crazy for a few days there but it’s better now.

      Those are some killer suggestions. I’m not sure which one to pick. I can picture her with that silly penguin hat and it makes me laugh at the possibility.

      I remember a deviant art comment once said Cassie looks like a gender swap of Ed which made me laugh. I think getting an Ed version commissioned might be fun but I’ll see what happens in the next two days before I pick a winner.

      I’ve never watched Black Jack but man that is one cool outfit. I’ve always wanted to see Cassie or Alpha in some kind of badass coat. You are making this hard for me to decide with all these good decisions.

  7. It wasn’t easy picking what to do as I didn’t want to waste your money aha but it came out so great, I can’t help but feel slightly attached to it myself 🙂 You got enough art work to publish an art book with this novel! (though, an exceedingly copyright infringing artbook…)

  8. Saber cosplay for Cassie! Oh my god, lovely! 😀

    • You can thank Aelysium for that. It’s a great choice.

  9. I’d love to see some Kino cosplay. That hat + coat are just awesome.
    Also, I was going to suggest Guu from Hale Nochi Guu, but really, Guu would cosplay as Cassie, not the other way around.
    I don’t know, I’m really liking her in a trench coat or something, for some reason. If that’s no good though, I’m gonna go with Dragon Kid from Tiger & Bunny. For obvious reasons.

    Also, congratulations on your 200th post! It seems like it was only yesterday since I was commenting on your “100 Posts” post. (Actually, it was 52 days ago. Wow time flies when you’re having fun.) Here’s to the next hundred!

  10. It will be awesome if she would be dressed as Madoka!

    • With her hair color she’d be way more awesome cosplaying Mami. Drinking tea or holding two of her weapons

  11. A miko outfit could be nice. (Red and white shrine maiden outfit)

  12. Saber Cassie is classy 🙂 Have to admit though, Gotgituey’s version is probably my favorite along with Ravee of Titan’s one

    • Rave of Titan’s version has a really cute smile it’s one of my favorite versions too. That and the saber version looks a little evil which I like.

      Any suggestions for the contest?

      • Well, I was thinking of a duo cosplay for both Cassie and Alpha. Perhaps Cassie = Yuri, Alpha = Tenshi. Or Cassie = Panty, Alpha = Stocking.

  13. I’m thinking of a darker theme… something like a battle aftermath.

    Cassie had her artificial arm destroyed, in tattered clothes, holding a unconscious Alpha in her other arm… too gruesome?

    Hope you’re feeling better btw.

  14. I’m thinking of making Cassie wears a heavy gallant armor to show her brilliance.. 😀 Then with her wings behind her back, it would make her looks literally like a holy knight.

  15. OT. Did you draw those amazing work?

    • I wish I was that talented. I buy them.

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