Posted by: AceRailgun | April 23, 2012

Hyouka Episode 1 – Exposition to rival Fate Zero

So i’m intreged but a little disappointed as I pretty much wrote the intro for this anime a few days ago with about 80% accuracy. The mystery element is the only thing saving this at the moment and unless that is developed further this anime is diving into dangerous territory. Aside from that I need to know what a classical club is.
Am I the only one getting a God’s Memo pad vibe from this. They both started with a decent story inside a dull setting and used the idea of mystery to draw you in. Memopad ultimately failed and at this point I’d say Hyokya is going to have to do something drastic next episode to save itself. Taking a hint from Tasogare Otome x Amnesia and adding a mystery that will take the entire series to solve will be keep us watching.


It’s not all bad though because the art direction was unique. Eru’s hypnotizing hair web thing was visually impressive and contrasted nicely with the bland school setting. The nightmare story and the letters falling off the notice board were a nice cue which reflects what Houtarou is thinking to some extent. Getting into the mind of the male protagonists seems to be a big thing this season as it’s happening in Sankarea and Tsuritama as well. For once i’d like to see a female lead in a school anime but that’s never going to happen as long as the general population of Japan wants some hopeless kid to project themselves onto.


The anime’s direction is unclear at this point which is a shame because it missed so many opportunities to set something up for the next episode. Using the Madoka rule I’ll watch three episodes before I decide if I will keep watching or not.


  1. Yeah, very strong Kami no Memo Chou vibes from this. I much prefer the art and male lead here, though. Even if Oreki is different, at least he’s not depressed or jaded, which I guess I could appreciate. My two main hopes for this show are:
    a) to get a more interesting overarching story next episode
    b) that the mysteries won’t be explained by Satoshi, the walking mouth. I would love it if things were explained a little more elegantely. Even if the mysteries were explained in an internal monologue in Oreki’s head, I’d still prefer that to having a drawn out conversation needlessly explaining all the steps.

    Overall, I guess, hopes are low, but not gone…and the art is dang good.

    • I think B is here to stay unfortunately. A on the otherhand could well happen. I much prefer drawn out stories to the one or two episode stuff which we seem to be getting a lot of lately. Maybe it will do what Un-Go did and have a bit of both.

  2. I haven’t saw the episode yet, but the art direction is not surprising since Kyoto Animation we are talking about. But I’m quite curious how the story will turn out in the end.

    • The story hasn’t even been started as far as I’m concerned. It could go a number of ways at this point which is a good thing. I just hope it doesn’t flop in a heap trying to use the pretty art as a crutch.

  3. Surispingly, you picked up on some of the same traits that I did watching this. It has some oppurnites, but question is how and will they even use them properly. KyoAni trying on the mystery genre in the directoral position has a task ahead of it.

  4. At one point this episode felt like Boku wa Tomodachi. I’m not sure whether I like the idea of a Shikamaru-like character solving mysteries on an episodic basis.

    • I’m worried about that too. I really hope it’s just one big mystery not a bunch of little ones.

  5. I really hope this doesn’t go the KamiMemo route where the mysteries weren’t really that interesting. I’m staying optimistic for the most part ^^

    • Yeah i’m hoping that doesn’t happen too.

  6. It was a decent start to the series. Let’s see if it can continue like this.

  7. Still planning to watch this unless cause I’m attracted to sleepy eyes, aside from that the art is amazing. I’ll wait for the 5th episode to air and decide if I’ll continue watching the series.

    • Your more tolerant than I am. 3 is my limit for bad anime. This still has potential for now.

      • I don’t drop shows but, episode 5’s the point I consider myself to have a good feel for the show too…
        The Madoka rule? That’s a good ‘en!

      • The Madoka rule is a good one for me now. I watched the first 2 episodes when it aired and then dropped it. When the last episode aired I was told it was excellent and I finished it in a day. Madoka tricked me until the end of the 3rd episode when shit got real.

      • Have you watched any other shows that started terrible but ended up being excellent?

      • Well Madoka did and I guess the start of Clannad was fairly slow. There is a chance Hyouka gets better but i’m not holding my breath. I’m already guessing this is going to end up with a million 7/10 in reviews 3 months from now.

      • Lol, stupid comment of mine… should proofread before I press Enter

  8. Still plan to watch this, but…but…IS THAT ALICE?! :O

  9. It’s no surprise Houtarou fell under Eru’s spell. Not even a stone-hearted person like him could have resisted the charmes of her. She seems a bit too naive for her well-being but she is a polite and apperently smart girl so that’s not a too severe flaw.

    The animation at the ghost story scene with the usage of water-colourish techniques was beautiful. However althought I felt this was a bit slow its only episode one, im very much looking forward to the rest!

  10. She certainly was charming. I wouldn’t be butter in her hand but I know those eyes would at least have some effect on me. The uses of over exaggerated effects when she convinced him were very appropriate to say the least. I’m looking forward to more of that stuff too.

  11. I’m sucker for KyoAni and I admit it, which mean I watched this the very instant I can DL. I have to say I am in a “very-satisfied-waiting-for-more” stance for this one, something caught my eye are internal monologues of Hotarou, very similar with the one Kyon has in Haruhi

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