Posted by: AceRailgun | April 22, 2012

Sankarea Episode 3 – That scar is probably permanent

Three episodes down and we have reach the point I stopped reading the manga. It was hard because I really want to know what happens now that Rea is a zombie. A lovey dovey hugging zombie of smiles and friendship.


It’s not exactly the kind of zombie I was expecting but I’m sure Chihiro is pleases as a flesh eating zombie probably wouldn’t work out well in the long run. I’m not really sure where the series can go now that she is a zombie. Is the anime going to turn into a slice of life but with a zombie girl coping with zombie problems? What is a zombie problem anyway? Will she want to eat flesh or will she eat those plants like Babu was? The only other problem I can forsee is her rotting because that’s something dead things do.


I guess she’ll probably end up loving with Chihiro or something in true anime style which in all honest i’m not complaining about as it means that Mero might get some more screen time. 


So Chihiro’s and Rea’s father’s reaction to her falling from that ledge were very different. Rea’s father covers his eyes and doesn’t watch the brutality unfold but Chihiro watches intently as she falls to her death. When she is cut open by the tree branch it shows an image of Chihiro’s face which also cuts. I’d interpret this as Chihiro’s inner thoughts not mirroring what he is seeing. It is explained that the guy loves gore blood and guts but when he sees these things in real life he is figurativly torn. He can’t handle it and turns away and gets upset which is something i’d expect from most male anime protagonists.


When Rea gets up his reaction doesn’t reflect what we expect from a guy with a zombie fetish. In stead of jumping for joy like a zombie fanatic would he just stands there dumbfounded and the episode ends.


I know this whole scene is probably isn’t going to be explored any further by the anime but it would be nice if we get a scene about Chihiro thinking about his reaction. I’m not sure what can happen now but I’m excited for more.


  1. “I’d interpret this as Chihiro’s inner thoughts not mirroring what he is seeing. It is explained that the guy loves gore blood and guts but when he sees these things in real life he is figuratively torn.”
    That…is a really, really awesome insight. I totally didn’t pick up on that. This is why I love reading other’s blogs!

    Anyways, I’m also wondering where the show will go after this episode. I’m hoping it stays good. Great post, Ace.

    • Thanks.

      I hope it stays good but I suspect it will have a different tone from now on as the characters are now united fighting a common foe.

  2. First they need to work out how she will “live”. She would have been so much better off if she hadn’t been cut open. He should have figured out the plant is food from Babu eating it, but does that make the old man a zombie too?

    • The old man could be a zombie which would make things interesting. Maybe the plant acts as a preservative and is keeping the old man alive similar to how it’s keeping Babu alive. I guess Chihiro is going to have to stitch up her stomach otherwise she might just end up falling apart.

  3. the next few episodes are going to be make of break this series, I really hope it will stay strong and not turn completely into an ecchi romance.

    • Agreed it has a lot of potential at this point but you’re right it could turn into a cheap eechi romance. I hope the conflict goes deeper with her father and we end up with a legitimate love story. Either that or some sort of comedy. At this point it’s just a waiting game.

  4. Honest, even after watching anime and reading manga the whole Zombie setting looks weird to me.
    Why not pursuing girls that are actually alive? 😛

    • That’s how fetishes work. It can’t really be explained that’s just what he likes I guess. Surely you’d rather watch the first anime with a cute zombie girl instead of the millionth anime with normal girls. Just saying. 😛

  5. Damn this episode was good. Full of drama. I hope Rea still looks good when she is a zombie. I don’t want her to have those white eyes like Babu.

    • I’m loving all this drama too.
      I reckon her eyes will stay red. I’m sure she’ll still be as hot as she is now. If her eyes go all white she’s going to look super creepy.

  6. Her dad is seriously an obsessive maniac; not allowing Rea to do anything, no freedom at all. Gotta feel sorry for Rea. Furuya ditching Wanko was pretty hilarious though leaving Wanko there alone, stuck in that tunnel was pretty inconsiderate of him. :S

    But then that censorship ruined the ressurection scene. Destroyed the impact it had. Damn japanese censoring late night anime.

    • That scene was a lot more powerful in the manga with her guts hanging out all over the place.

      Poor Wanko, I was feeling claustrophobic just watching that scene.

      Rea’s dad is a bit too much to be considered even slightly realistic for me and it ruins the immersion somewhat but i’m not complaining too much because he is still a better villain than so many other anime characters.

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