Posted by: AceRailgun | April 18, 2012

Lets Make an Anime

Have you ever considered the possibility that you could write a popular anime? Surely it’s not hard as some of the anime airing these days is substandard. You just need a push, someone to motivate you to open that text document and start. That somebody is me.


So all good stories start with a protagonist and since we are going to follow a formula which guarantees success our protagonist will be a male transfer student from Tokyo. He is a bit of a wimp but when the time comes he can save the day. I think it would be neat if he had a mustache but lets not get too crazy.


Now that we have a character we need a setting. Obviously we want to go with something unique so lets pick a school in a country town where everybody knows everybody.


So now we have a killer set up lets get cracking on the plot. On his way to school our transfer student spots a really pretty girl with long blue hair. She will be the love interest but we will explain that later.


Once at school the protagonist meets another guy who has spiky hair and is a bit of a push over when it comes to ladies. He hits on them but they find him creepy. The pair instantly become frineds despite a clear clash in both interest and personality.


Enter pretty girl. The blue hair girl from before comes in quietly and this confirms our protagonist is attracted to her. She isn’t  just a pretty face however. She has to have some kind of special trait that is unique to her. Maybe she is a ghost, a zombie, or a magic girl? She can read minds? Yeah lets go with that.


So to make things interesting. Our protagonist has a special ability that only the girl is aware of. It’s a two parter so this is something unique to this anime. First off she cannot read his mind. Secondly when she is around him she can only read the malicious thoughts of other people.


For good measure we need to add a really cute girl who has a crush on the protagonist. She is completely ignored however as he is clearly in love with a girl with no romantic feelings for him.


Congratulation you just created an anime exactly like every other anime ever. It has an interesting dynamic between the two main characters as the girl enjoys being in the company of someone she cannot read the thoughts of but at the same time being around him brings out the worst in other people. Would you want this anime? Of coarse you would; You are watching at least one anime this season with this formula.


  1. I love that show!

  2. pfft that anime sucks!

    • Yet thousands would watch it and buy the DVD’s.

      • those sheep!

  3. Reading this felt like an anime montage in my head, lol

    • That’s the point. We all know it to be true.

  4. this was funny, it does sound like almost every anime out there, maybe I should give anime a try

    • I reckon you could write a brilliant anime as long as you stick to the guidelines.

  5. This formula should be patented… no really it should….

    Creativity dies at the face of commercial value these days. I mean, nothing wrong with giving people what they want but dear lord 2 same structures are enough.

    Looking at this, then looking back at all the crap i wrote in high school… wow… i have to admit my old writings aren’t so bad anymore.

    • If my writing can make the stuff you wrote in school look good then I’m happy I guess.

      We all blindly accept this as the norm and never crave for anything more.

      • i still crave for an awesome angelic layer-ish anime… i love the concept, seriously. The whole reason why i hate myself for not knowing busou shinkis better and started collecting them earlier…

  6. Ooooohhhhh, so that’s what Neon Genesis Evangelion was about.

    • Well yeah. I just wrote a summary for it. 😛

  7. FARK YES, THIS IS GONNA BE AWWWWWESOME, CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE SIDE GIRL BECOME A USELESS CHARACTER, IT FEELS SO FRESH MUST BUY THIS ON BLU RAY!! Wait… doesn’t it seem like- no I’m imagining things………. is what some people might say?

    PS: Laughed so hard at Cholisose’s comment ^^

    • People already buy this drivel on Blu Ray so it’s to be expected. I was thinking about making the main girl a tsundere but i’m not so sure.

  8. It made me think of the differences that KyoAni, Shaft, J.C and Bones would do with these. That would be 4 completely different anime. Hmm…

    • True, but deep down we all know that it’s the same idea used over and over again.

      I would like to see how those studios treated the same source material though.

  9. Ahh very true! Sort of reminds me of Index were everyone has some strange super power and of course Touma fits the spiky haired other character…Side character girl that gets ignored!? Sounds a lot like Bleach ahahah so many side characters that do nothing special.

    Animated by JC Staff or another ecchi studio? xDD

    • JC Staff for sure. I know they would do a mediocre job of it which would make it blend in nicely with the crowd of similar anime.

  10. All you really had to say was copy shakugan no shana and all those similar.

    Flat chest girl and a weak guy who gets stronger as the story progresses. Chose a random setting like school… or not, and you have an anime. JC Staff is also necessary for a complete copy.

    • Can’t go wrong with JC staff when it comes to something like this. Of coarse she has to be flat chested too. I nearly forgot about that. The other cute girl in the one sided love must have huge breasts to counter this though.

  11. Now all you need is a team of animators, but to lead a team you need to have a name in the business and contacts… or a lot of very talented friends. Write a light novel, design an attractive anime cover, translate it and pitch it to a Japanese publisher and see where that gets you.

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