Posted by: AceRailgun | April 17, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Episode 2

I love it plain and simple. It’s mysterious and atmosphereic like any good horror should be except it’s not a horror and it’s half mystery and half comedy which is great because Yuuko is so funny to watch.


Teiichi is probably the luckiest male protagonist in a while. He’s been grabbing breasts left, right and well one at a time. He’s already done it three times without consequence which makes you think he might realize this and be doing it all the time. It doesn’t or does help that Yuuko loves being touched because she cannot touch anyone else except for him.


The story this time puts a funny twist on all those naughty things like sex spirit games Japanese students just love to play in the dark at school after hours. It is treated in a very lighthearted way for the most part which is amusing but it does take away from the fact that Teiichi found yuuko’s dead body. She reacts in a rather peculiar way which really establishes that her character is an oddball. But Teiichi just shrugs it off like the Momoe and it isn’t spoken of again. I presume it is a key element in the plot and will be explored in later episodes.


On a random note what sort of school is this? There is about 5 students and every single piece of glass is broken. It feels like a similar environment to Higarashi in a sense except it lacks hostility for the most part. As a comedic device the characters should mention that there is no other student and break the 4th wall but I know that won’t happen.


  1. This reminds me a lot Natsu no Arashi… they started with a very random episode with character that get introduce later in the story just for funs.

    Good episode overall, I think is hilarious how this is taking a more comical approach to its adaptation than Sankarea, yet the original content for this is more gloomy and mysterious. Still I’m rallying enjoying this so far to bad is only 12 episodes.

    • I read a few chapters of the manga to get a taste for it a while back and I am inclined to with you. The manga was far more gloomy and less filled with fan service then the anime is.

      It’s a shame it only 12 episodes long but in the end that might be a good thing. It probably means the story will be wrapped up relatively quickly and the characters won’t outstay their welcome.

  2. Yuuko probably has a lot of angst from being by herself for so long. Enter Teiichi, the typical japanese boy who’s too good to make a move.

    • I don’t know about angst but I guess she has lost touch with how to communicate properly with those around her. It’s amusing to watch Teiichi flail about as she makes advances.

  3. “There is about 5 students and every single piece of glass is broken. It feels like a similar environment to Higarashi in a sense except it lacks hostility for the most part.” That is actually the old school building and that’s the reason the glass is broken and there is dust everywhere.

    The way they started the anime was kind of stupid. This was supposed to be the first episode!

    • I know it’s the abandon part of the school but since the students are there most of the time it may as well be the main part. i think the way they handled the first episode was fine it’s nice to mix it up a little for the manga to give the fans of the original material something new to read.

  4. I have to say I was quite disappointed in this episode. I heard a lot of people complaining last week about how it recycled the same footage again, but to me it was what a first episode should be. It was amusing and different. It captured people’s interest while leaving things mysterious. The episode left you wanting to know more about the characters and the plot.

    This week’s episode was quite stale and uninspired, I could have sworn I’ve seen this scenario before in a 100 other anime. Not saying that this anime is bad, that’s still to be determined, but I felt a little letdown.

    • The first episode was unique, at least I thought it was. It did it’s job.

      I agree with you on the second episode to some extent. It did reveal some neat stuff about Yuuko’s death but still left some of the mystery there which is going to keep me coming back for more.

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