Posted by: AceRailgun | April 15, 2012

Embarrassment, Conventions and the Aniblog Tourney

So I embarrassed myself at a convention yesterday. I was planning on meeting up with NyanNyan for the first time. It would be the first time I meet another aniblogger in person. So we chose a time to meet and all I had to do was find NyanNyan by the description of some cosplay.


Sounds easy enough. I walked up to a group of people and said “Hello are you expecting to meet up with someone.” Turns out it wasn’t NyanNyan and they weren’t expecting anyone. I walked away with a smile but it was emabarrassing for me. Well I’m laughing about it now so it’s not all bad.


I spent the remainder of the day at Supanova, an anime and pop culture convention in Melbourne. It was fun and I hoarded some more anime loot. This is the second time in the last month I’ve spent a full day out and come home to a pile of comments. So thank you guys I appricaite that a lot.


So I got an email a while back stating that I’d been selected to participate in the 2nd aniblog tourney. Now I’m not a very competitive person especially not on a personal level. I’m okay with groups or teams but one on one is tough for me so initially I was a bit worried about entering a huge public contest like the aniblog tourney. Now I’m a bit excited to see how everything turns out and see how far I can get. My first opponent is a Ephemeral Dreamer, a blog I knew about before the Tourney and read on occasion. He’s been around twice as long as me so he’s got the upper hand on me but oh well. The poll to decide who you like to read more between Ephemeral Dreamer and myself opens on the 17th of April and will be open for 48 hours. I encourage you to all vote for your favorite blogs as not only does it help decide a winner but it brings more traffic to all the smaller blogs.


I can’t wait to start voting for the blogs I like. I hope some of us can make it past the first round. Good luck to everyone involved.


  1. I’ve got you going pretty damn far on my bracket. Just letting you know.

    • Thank you. I just looked at your page and now I love you because I made it so far. That made me smile.

  2. I tried my best to meet and find you but sadly couldn’t find you among all the people at Supernova yesterday. All the best in the animeblog tournment!

    • It was so packed yesterday I guess I’m just blind or something.

      Thanks. I can’t wait to see how I go in the first round.

  3. LOL. Maybe is should meet up with you the same way, By saying i’m cosplaying a mainstream character in a convention. That way you would go around and ask for at the very least 15 person ^ _^)b

    • Well it was a sound idea in theory. The execution however was questionable at best. I will be more organised next time I think.

      • How about i just swim to melbourne (being just an island hop away) and bang on your door, sleep on your couch instead?

      • If you can swim that far I’ll let you sleep on my couch.

      • And 2 Dollfies? Sakuya and Rise?

      • Sure. If they can swim.

      • No i meant as a prize for swimming there. 😐

        That does remind me however, how long as this aniblog tourney been rolling around for anyway?

      • I can’t afford those.

        It started today I think. My turn doesn’t come until the 17th. It’s going to last a while to so I really hope I can last a little while.

      • it’s better to have a specific area you’re meeting up and maybe even give each other your numbers? Well that’s if you trust each other enough ^^ or you could get someone to hold a sign post above their heads (to humiliate them) so you can tell who it is you’re looking for >;D

      • Yeah we will probably do that next time. I didn’t think it through this time around. It’s pretty funny in hindsight.

  4. We are pretty far apart in the tourney and the chance of us meeting in the competition is virtually none.
    So, you have my vote XP

    • Sweet thanks. I’ll have to vote you up too. 🙂

  5. Goodluck man, you’re in psgels bracket…
    I’ll give you my vote, but that’s just about what I can do in this battle…:P

    • Thanks. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Psgels might be a challenge but I’ll be building a huge bridge to surpass him. Good luck to you too. I’ll be voting for you when the time comes.

      • psgels won the last one right? It’ll be quite a challenge…

      • Yeah but If I get that far I have a plan for overcoming the impossible. 😛

      • You know those webcomics that always feature a bonus image if you vote? If you would put in a delicious image of cassie…


      • Smart thinking. Too bad Cassie isn’t old enough for that kind of thing.

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