Posted by: AceRailgun | April 15, 2012

The Legend of Korra Episode 1

It’s not anime so all you people afraid of new things better run because Avatar Korra reviews are here to stay. The art makes Ghibli look like children’s drawings, the animation puts Fate Zero to shame, the music puts Guilty Crown to shame and the nostalgia makes Persona 4’s Persona 3 crossover episode look like fan fiction written by a 13 year old girl. 


So now that your expectations are as high as the moon let me explain why it’s so good. It has an amazing world, a good history, a superpower system that is logical and progresses but most of all it has great character.


Avatar Korra is the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. It isn’t nessisary to watch that first but it’s worth it and more of Avatar Korra will make sense if you do.


The story starts off by introducing Korra a character I instantly fell in love with. She’s a bit of dope but if something is wrong or bugging her she says so. This is a trait I wish a lot of anime protagonists had because it is a quality I can easily relate to. The plot proceeds quickly and a lot of other characters are introduced very quickly but this works as more attention is paid to more important characters than the side characters. It has a lot to achieve in a short time so this kind of pacing is to be expected after all.


There is a lot of call backs to the original series which make this a fanboys dream. Pretty much all the old characters are referred to in some way or another which doesn’t feel forced in most cases. It is very nostalgic so that’s something it’s got going for it.


I also like the addition of new animals. The polarbeardog is a really clever design and it actually moves realistically considering it is fictional and it’s almost as cute as turtleducks from the last series. I hope we get to see some more crazy animals.


I’ll be blogging Avatar Korra for the duration of it’s run. It’s harder to obtain than Anime so I might end up being slightly late on a reviews but I promise I’ll try my best.

Let me know if you are going to give it a try, especially if you haven’t heard of it before.


  1. nice! another person reviewing Korra. The first episode was great, i can’t wait to watch this series every week.

    • One episode a week will be good. I’ve been waiting a while for a new episode and I’m glad the new ones are airing soon.

  2. @Xana: No way, are you reviewing Korra too? It’s so good to see so much love for Avatar in the blogosphere!

  3. Thought it was a pretty great first ep- loved all of the political intrigue and, of course, Korra herself!
    Hmm, always thought the Koala-sheep were the cutest!

    • How can you not love a Koalasheep.

      The political part of the series is interesting. I suspect there will be a lot more about that kind of thing in the next episode. The villain looks so cool too. I hope he’s strong.

  4. As a Ghibli fan, I’ll have to contradict you only in the art department. There were some stark CGI-looking sequence like Ang’s Statue sequence in the Republic city. I’d say that the art direction was on par with Ghibli 🙂
    Also, I could not help notice fragments of old characters from Avatar in these newly introduced ones. For example, the two guy in bending tournament reminded me of Sokka and pobably Zuko.
    But in short, it’s a fanboy dream come true.

    • I knew saying all that stuff would bring out the fanboys of those series. 😛

      I get a Sokka vibe from one of those guys and a bit of a Zuko vibe from the other. I’ll go a bit more in depth with those two next week.

      My dream came true when they announced it last year. I say bring on more episodes.

  5. Can’t wait for the third episode. The Chinese jazz steampunk theme is great, all characters are likeable so far (aside from Korra, Tenzin and his kids are pretty fun and I’m hoping that the Hobo from the park will show up again), and it has the potential for a good story, it’s certainly off to a good start to say the least.

    Also I loved how they trolled us about Zuko’s mom.

    • The troll move was great. It’s a good way to get all the fan boys excited about the new episodes.

      The whole premise is great. Chiense jazz steampunk is very unique. I think they can safely say it’s never been done before.

      I am really enjoying the characters at the moment too. The hobo is a good example of one off characters that randomly appear and occasionally come back. Sort of like the cabbage salesman from the first series.

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