Posted by: AceRailgun | April 14, 2012

Sankarea Episode 2

A lot was revealed about Rea’s home situation this episode and lets just say it’s not good. Her mother is a bitch and her father is a pervert. As far as family is concerned that is the worst possible combination.


To make matters worse it’s cliche. The mother is such a bitch she may as well not even be their and the father has manipulates not only his servants but also any family which tries to befriend Rea. I can see this trend continuing  in future episodes and getting Chihiro and his family involved as well. I hope we there isn’t some kind of acceptance and forgivness scene where Rea forgives her father and they become friends because at this stage he’s already crossed a line that you can’t come back across.


If it does happen it’s going to be like the whole ninth situation from Future Diary. Sure lets be friends with the bomb terrorist in the maid outfit and gain an unworldly level of respect for her. I call bullshit on something like that but whatever.


The other cool thing that happened this episode was the successful revival of Babu as a red eyed demon. Well that’s what it looked like in the brief moment it was on screen. Rea also secretly drank some of the zombie concoction so if she dies or the poison kills her then she is probably going to be a zombie too.


On a side note for all you pervs. Yeah I know you are reading this. Wanko in the bath was uncensored in the second chapter of the manga.


  1. Someone need to kill that father! NOW! >_<

    • I’m hoping he disappears soon too so that Rea can get more screen time.

  2. Even though this episode was messed up, it did add depth to the story and makes me think that the romance element of the story will be even better.

    LOL at your last line. Magazine is much more relaxed when it comes to things like that, if you ever read any of their manga unlike Jump and Sunday (they had to re-post a trailer for Kimi no Iru Machi OVA on youtube so that it didn’t contain any nudity).

    • It was so messed up but once the two main characters can share her struggles it’s going to provide some moments for bonding. They have to be careful what they put on television and the internet I guess. If you are actually buying the manga then there is some level of control that stops children reading it.

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