Posted by: AceRailgun | April 13, 2012

Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 1

This is one of the best anime seasons for me in over a year. Here we are with yet another story based anime. The story is based around music which is in one of my “Avoid like the plague” genres which also contains mecha and sport. The story puts a modern twist on school bullies and delinquents which is neat and I can appriciate the character dynamics which were established very early on. 


So I know I normally avoid music based anime but I gave this one a try as I know through experiece that everything needs at least three episodes before I can safely say it’s worth my time or not.


Sakamichi no Apollon is worth my time and yours. I’ll admit it does the bland protagonist transfers into a new school cliche but I can’t hate it for that as Kaoru Nishimi has a competitive personality which is rare among dark haired protagonists.


Here is an idea for anime writers. I know you guys have a fetish for transferring your main character into a new school but why not try one of my suggestions.

Two students get paired up together for the first time forcing them to work together even though they have been in the same class for years.

A students gets held back a year (Not because of sickness you cliche bastards) and he/she meets the students of a lower grade making new friends.


So back to Sakamichi no Apollon. It depicts the upperclassmen and the females more like real people than anime characters which is a nice change. They don’t all have spiky hair or hair that reaches the ground. Plus the girls don’t all look like perfect dolls. I appreciate the art direction as it’s going for realism.


I’m looking forward to seeing what direction Sakamichi no Apollon goes for. Does Kaoru Nishimi abandon his studies and play music with Sentarō Kawabuchi or do they both become model students who play music in their down time? I can see the two main guys becoming best friends at some point and fighting over the girl is a very likely scenario down the track.


Can’t wait for more.


  1. realism for the win….I can dig a music show…as long as the music is good. Jazz should be decent

    • Jazz is certainly one of the better choices for an anime like this.

  2. i loved the episode, this could be the best anime of the season for me

    • It was up there for me as well. I know i’ll be watching it all the way through.

  3. I didn’t expect to pick this up at first when I heard it was gonna be about jazz. But man, this season is too good. Definitely gonna follow this one to see where it goes.

    • Such a great season so far. I wasn’t so sure either, I’m glad I picked it up.

  4. I’m only one or two episodes into most of the shows I’ve started, and I’m yet to start Eureka 7 Ao and Hyouka but, I feel it’s safe to say this is the best season of anime I’ve ever had first-hand experience with…

    • It is one of my favorites as well. So many good anime and Sakamichi no Apollon is another one to add to the good list.

  5. This is the 2nd best of the new crop of shows in my opinion. Seeing your list of genres to avoid like the plague, do you remember that mecha basketball show from a few years back? The name escapes me for some reason.

    • Never heard of it but it sounds like something I’d avoid. How the hell can mecha even play basketball?

    • I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Basquash.

      Anyways, I loved this episode. It kept on going, and going, and going, and it never got boring! It felt like they were able to cover so much material and set up, and at the same time keep the show good. I’m loving it!

      • Yes that’s the one. Back to the the source post, I think it did have the feel of constant buildup throughout the episode.

      • It did get through a lot in one episode without feeling rushed. I just hope it can keep this pace because it has me hooked now.

  6. You’re absolutely right on the transfering part. I have seen countless anime in which the protagonist is transfering into a new school and I am honestly getting bored of the same thing heappening over and over again!

    • It’s so typical now I just ignore it. It’s almost as common as a magical girlfriend or a harem. Well at least some of the good anime this season tried something new.

      • As typical as those can be they are still not as typical as highschool in anime. 90% of anime involve highschool which is kind of annoying sometimes.

        Yeah indeed. I especially liked how sakamichi is happening around 40 years ago or so.

  7. It was entertaining. Those 2 will be friends even if they don’t show any real interest right now.

    • It’s totally going to happen. If the conflict between them ends then another conflict is going to have to arise so the anime remains interesting. Probably something to do with the music.

  8. This was – this was brilliant. By far the best episode of the spring anime that I’ve seen so far. As soon as the episode ended I googled Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. Downloading ‘Moanin’ right now.

    • That’s more dedication than me but I feel you. The music was nice and I suspect in the upcoming episodes we will be treated to more of it. I’m really looking forward to it.

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