Posted by: AceRailgun | April 12, 2012

7 moments of absolute win

Seven great anime moments that should never be forgotten. In no particular order.

Mushi Shi

The whole episode was great, in fact they all are but there was one moment in episode seven, Rainbows and Raindrop which was just amazing. After months of searching Ginko and Koro manage to track down a mushi that takes the form of a rainbow. Anyone who has seen this episode know what I mean when I say it was amazing. The pacing and build up to the exact moment they find the rainbow was perfect.


Persona 4

We all love beach episodes in anime for there pointlessness and half nude girls or guys if you swing that way. There is also the possibility that you are female so liking the guys is fine. There is one thing better then a beach episode, a hots spring episode. It involves baths and nudity. Now combining a character like Yu with a situation like this can only end in a glorious situation. Chosing not to retreat in the sight of something amazing is brave but also convincing three others to do so as well is something special. I’m sure Yosuke would be secretly thanking Yu later that day.



If you’ve seen the anime they you can tell what scene this is just by looking at the picture. By combining poor Engrish with a character like Okabe you end up with something you could easily watch hundreds of time. Go ahead watch it hundreds of times just to remember how funny Okabe is.


Angel Beats

There was plenty of great moments in Angel Beats and because every character was immortal death situations were nothing more then an inconvinces. Thus making something like a heroic sacrifice amusing. So in episode 8 Dancer in the Dark when T.K a character that speaks in nothing but Engrish one liners acts heroic it makes me laugh so much. “It’s my turn now. Good chance and luck.” He says before jumping onto the enemies sword.



Episode 17 Everything Changes was home of one of the best moments for me in this anine. Shizuo comes to terms with just how powerful he is and beats up a park full of brainwash victims. It was a great fight which sent many people flying through the sky.



The one scene at the start of Episode 14 A New Family had a grown man rolling around on the table in the fetal position. Enough said.


School Rumble

The only instant of any anime ever that made me laugh multiple times in the first episode. The bike  scene was just amazing to watch and I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s not advised to drink water whilst watching this scene. It hooked me in instantly and became one of my favorite anime comedies. The great thing about school rumble is that the cast is half male half female which is unique in the anime world.


  1. Nice list, I need to watch some of these shows over the summer.

    • Which ones haven’t you watched? They are all good.

      • I’ve seen 3/7 – Mushishi, Angel Beats, and Clannad. Persona 4 I decided to put on hold (it was a difficult choice), ’cause I was busy getting my blog set up and adjusting to school and a new job. Steins;Gate I was already saving for the summer, and Durarara I’ve been meaning to watch for a while but I never got around to it. I’d heard School Rumble was good, but it never interested me enough to check it out until now.

      • They are all worth watching. You’ll have to tell me once you watch them.

  2. It’s so cool!! Sonuvabitch

  3. Wow that bike scene from School Rumble… That feel when you mentioned it bro… Brought back a lot of memories since school rumble is one of the first anime I watched besides Naruto or Bleach.

    • Of those 3 anime School Rumble is defiantly the best for getting into anime. It’s got a great sense of humor.

  4. Was that the episode where Shizuo gets black gloves from Celty?

    • I believe so. I haven’t watched it for a while so i’m not 100% sure.

  5. Seen four of these, though I’ll be seeing the Durarara one pretty soon. And I am still planning to watch Clannad one day… XP

    From Mushishi, the most memorable scene for me was probably the second episode, with all the mushi leaking from the girl’s eyes. TT_TT
    For Steins;Gate, there were so many funny moments that it’d be hard to pick which one was most memorable. But on the more serious side, the ending to ep 12 blew me away. Can’t say I was expecting such a dark turn of events. x_x
    I remember the bike scene from ep 1 of School Rumble being the moment that made me want to watch the rest of the series for sure. Another funny moment that comes to mind is: “The only way to send a true message of love… is by shooting it with an arrow!”
    For Angel Beats, the most memorable part for me is definitely the ending (before the credits). Holy crap. I nearly died.
    And from what I’ve seen of Durarara so far, got to mention Shizuo punching that one guy out of his clothes. XP

    • Clannad is worth watching so I hope you get around to it.

      The mushi for episode 2 was amazing. I’d have picked that as a second best moment if I did two from that anime. Once I saw that I knew I was going to love the rest of the anime.

      Steins;Gate was clever in picking when to be funny and when to be serious and dark. I think that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

      If I went back and wrote down all the funny moments from School Rumble I’d probably fill a small book. It had some really clever jokes.

      I cried my eyes out at the end of Angel Beats. It was too sad.

  6. I haven’t even seen Steins;Gate yet, and I love that moment. It really is so cool.

    • It’s a great anime and has plenty of great moments. You need to watch it.

  7. Very nice list. I haven’t seen the first on the list but you have convinced me 😀 As for the rest…yup! I remember that school rumble episode immediately won me over too! And that sacrificing scene from Angel beats! – wahahaha!

    • Mushi Shi is great. You should really work on watching that.

      I had no idea what School Rumble was when I started it so twenty minutes later after catching my breath I knew I had to watch the rest.

      That whole Angel Beats episode was grand. Heroic overload.

  8. I vote for Harima, seriously. That guy is awesome XD

  9. This is Bad, I definitely need to watch most of the animes in the list and I need to start on School Rumble. I’ve been watching it on my local channel but I’ve been sidetracked because of bad schedule. I’ve checked out the animes you listed on this post and they’ve got positive reviews – Please no issues next month so I can start watching these animes

    • They are all worth the time. I hope you enjoy them.

  10. I’d planned on writing out one of these myself, it’s harder to chose moments than one might think, huh?
    TK’s ‘Get chance and luck!’ is my ringtone…

    • My respect for you has increased ten fold. That has got to be the best ringtone ever.

      I picked seven because I couldn’t settle for one.

  11. I would also go for Harima, he beat the AE86 from Initial D with a bike!

    • Harima is a boss. That guy deserves to get the girl.

  12. TK’s the man 🙂 Love his random actions and dances. Cool one liners but he’s not the strongest one, LOL! Wish they’d show his past in the Anime, that would be awesome 🙂

    • It’s great that he has so many one liners. I love all of them.

      I wish it showed his past too but his I’d say his mysteriousness is one of his best qualities.

      • Yup, couldn’t agree more XD

  13. Hi!

    Good Lord, I was listening to some School Rumble songs right now… Yeah, that bike scene in episode 1, with guest appearance from Takumi. Haha. I suddenly missed the anime. I assume you finished the manga too?

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