Posted by: AceRailgun | April 9, 2012

Upotte!! Episode 1

See those exclamation marks in the title? That means you have to yell out the title every time you read it.


So Upotte is an anime about the personification of gun in the form of school girls. I bet you didn’t know that all guns have dirty minds and are all bisexual. What makes it worse is that one of said guns has a sensei complex and pretty much has the gun equivelent of an orgasm every time she is around him. Patting her on the head sends her into a fit of sexual pleasure which was very awkward to watch. In spectacular tsudere fashion she lets her poor sensei know this by shooting violently in his dierction.


Yes I went there with the sex references because I couldn’t resist. Aside from those the show doesn’t have much going for it except short skirts and racial stereotypes which I admit are both uses very well. The American gun, M16A4 makes a mockery of Americans in a very amusing fashion so thank you Japan for making me laugh. Also thank you battlefield 3 for helping me remember the names of guns which are actually in this anime.


So if you didn’t guess already this is a show for anyone who likes panty shots or guns just a little bit too much.


So to wrap this up I won’t be blogging about Upotte!! and I would strongly advise against watching this anime with people around. I won’t make a pun this time because I did that a bit too much with Shu in the last few days and I might get shot.


  1. I wonder how how the next episode will turn out…

    • Not sure. It didn’t really have a story going so I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

  2. I might get shot LoL 😛 Im tempted to see this just once but from what you have described it just seems like another Xebec fanservice moe show.

    • Fan service moe is the best way to describe it. It’s unique so you may end up liking it if you watch it. I’m going to watch a bit more just to see how the story pans out. That and panties.

  3. Have been reading the manga for quite a while before the manga came up, have to say, I am quite pleased with Xebec following the manga’s story line. I’m waiting for some M14/Ichiyon-nee next episode 😀

    • Some of the minor characters seemed interesting so it will be nice to see more of them. What story line? Does that come later because the first episode wasn’t much of a story.

      • There is actually no plot, I just don’t know what you call it.Yup they should definitely give some love to minor characters

  4. That teacher complex makes it interesting because it’s forbidden even if it feels so right. She is really cute and he’ll be able to handle her like a pro. When he learns to aim, he will be complete.

    • But a teacher complex is so mainstream now nobody even cares. It’s like incest in anime now. Nothing can stop love in anime no matter how messed up it is.

      I’m sure that guy will handle it like any mature adult would.

  5. this show is just…….>.>

    • Perverted? Trying too hard?

      • …exactly. Trying way too hard…

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