Posted by: AceRailgun | April 9, 2012

Acchi Kocchi Episode 1

That was a fairly standard start for a comedy anime. I don’t really know what I should say because it just does everything so textbook. It’s not really that funny but it is really cute. I think that’s what it’s going for after all.


If you wanted plot you’ve come to the wrong place. Acchi Kocchi is about the main girl, Tsumiki trying to confess her love for Io who is as dense as a rock when it comes to love. I can tell just by the premise that Tsumiki is never going to become Io’s boyfriend she’ll be forever a dear friend until the last episode when she will have a chance.


For once I’d like to see the love interests get together before the last episode. It worked for Clannad and it worked for Ano Natsu so why not try it for a cute anime like this. Mysterious Girlfriend X paired up the characters in the first episode but lets not get into that right now.


The minor characters don’t feel very complete and seem to only have one or two ideas behind them. The annoying girl, the girl that thinks everything is cute and the bro. Luckily we are only watching for he cute stuff which their is certainly a lot of so i’ll forgive the less than impressive cast for now.


I’m going to keep watching it for now but i’m not going to blog about it.


  1. Cuteness is all we need.

    • Agreed. It was a cuteness overload.

  2. I thought Acchi Kocchi was fun enough, despite how cliche it was. But it had Tomoyo-chan as the teacher, and some clever scene transitions with the arrows. And it was pretty cute. Hoping the next few episodes will delve a bit more into some of the characters though.

    • I did think those transitions were a nice touch. I completely forgot to mention the arrows.

      I’m looking forward to learning more about the characters. There is still a chance for a great anime here.

  3. Gave off a yonkoma aura when I watched, a bit reminiscent of how Lucky Star went about in its first few episodes. I guess I’ll stick with this for a while, I do have a weakness for short tsundere types 😀

    • I have a similar weakness although I do like a bold girl every now and then.

      It did feel a bit like lucky star. I’m just happy the first jokes wasn’t about eating and took ten minutes.
      It’s entertaining enough for me to keep watching. Unless it royally screws up I’ll stick around until the end.

  4. I hope there is a plot just so it could be more decent. If they decide to not have a plot, I guess that is fine too but I’d be a bit disappointed. The cuteness overload is really nice, I think it is what will keep people from watching this.

    • If it wasn’t so cute then I’m sure a lot of people would end up dropping it. I doubt there will be much of a story beyond school life.

  5. Haven’t watched it but it’s nice to see a different perspective. One blogger thought it was both funny and cute and contrary to popular belief, I love funny and cute. No plot yet? Hmm…guess I’ll think about watching it.

    • As long as you enjoy cute or funny then this should appeal to you in one way or another. Lets just say it’s more cute than funny.

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