Posted by: AceRailgun | April 8, 2012

Anime Awards Winter 2012

So the best parts of last seasons anime need to be recognized for there greatness. So here is a bunch of awards I am making up to recognize those great things. They don’t involve trophies because that would be too much trouble.

Reminds me of Shu

Award for most bland and obnoxious protagonist

The winner is Shu. Because he is so damn annoying. Kouichi from Another alomst won this but he isn’t really that annoying and “Reminds me of Kouichi” doesn’t have the pun element about it which is a must for these awards. Shu tendancy to cry whenever possible also helped him win this and coin the name for this award.

Boat Engine to the Face

Award for lamest death

It wasn’t even the boat that killed him. He hit his head that morning and that killed him moments before the boat did. Talk about cheap. I can’t even remember the guys name so from now on i’m going to call him boat face.

Brush with death

Award for most erotic scene

Araragi brushing his sister’s teeth turned out to be very erotic and goes on for easily five minutes. Tsukihi interrupted the pair right as things were about to get X rated. I suspect we will see some fan create material in the coming months depicting the aftermath of this scene.

Cutting it all off

Award for best mental breakdown

So all those girls  in Nisemonogatari were cutting their hair becuase it was ‘hip’ and ‘rad’ but then Yomi comes along and does it too. But she does it during a mental breakdown which made me lose all respect for her whilst laughing to myself even though I really shouldn’t have been. She was just having a bad day and she did recover from her mental scarring to make loads of friends and a rainbow annihilation cannon.

Maximum Creepy

Award for being a big fat pervert

You win. Yes you the reader. Kidding, don’t take me too seriously. There is always one of these and this time it’s from Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai. Don’t you just want to go and punch him in the face. Bonus point because he is a lolicon.

Rubbish Joke

Award for worst punchline of the longest joke.

That one joke in Kill Me Baby which just went on and on. Yasuna comes across as retarded instead of just a bit clueless which annoyed me for some reason. Kill Me Baby really is hit and miss with all it’s jokes and this one was a miss so bad it almost seemed like they were trying to make it bad.

Straight Face

Award for not laughing at something really really funny.

Hidenori is so amazing for not laughing during this ordeal with Literature girl. He truly deserves his award. I’m glad these characters end up in a relationship at the end of the anime. Or was that just a dream?

3 Brave Knights

Award for male characters that are just too nice. 

These guys. I wish the girls would notice how nice these guys are. They constantly do nice and recieve nothing in retern. Not that they expect anything though as they are just nice guys.

I’ll save you

Award for biggest failure in a rescue attempt.

Good try but you need to think these things through Cristina. At least it lead to a romantic conversation and a secluded sunset together. Maybe that’s what she secretly wanted.

That’s all the awards for this time. I’m sure I could have come up with more but for now 9 is enough.


  1. Haha. Good times! 3 Brave Knights FTW!
    Fun post, wish there was more 🙂

    • I’ll probably do more next season. It was a fun post to write.

  2. I do think that scene at the end of Nichibros was part of the dream sequence, but I wouldn’t have minded if it were true. They go along better than he would ever admit.

    • damn dream sequence ruining an otherwise perfect final episode.

      Hidenori probably doesn’t care that she’s a bit crazy. As long as he has a girlfriend I’m sure he’d be happy.

  3. I don’t think Shu should be at the top of any list of things

    • I 2nd this.

    • Well in my defense he does win one of the worst award in existence.

      • I’ll let it go…just this once

  4. 3 Brave Knights…yes. I loved that scene.

    Cool idea.

    • Daily Lives of High School Boys had some really great moments in it. It was hard to pick just one scene for an award. Hence I picked two.

      it was a fun post to make so I’ll probably do another one three months from now.

  5. Numbers 3 and 7 literally made this, otherwise disappointing, season for me!
    Great idea for an interesting post!

    • It wasn’t all bad. There was some good anime mixed in with all the rubbish.
      This season is looking much more promising. I’m in love with so many new anime already.

      It was fun to write so i’m glad you enjoyed it.

  6. And now i have a few new animes to watch. Thanks!

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