Posted by: AceRailgun | April 7, 2012

Site Mascot – Cassie – Artwork Round 9

I’m almost up to double digits now. Yes that is a Persona 4 school uniform…. I love Persona, deal with it.

I know the title says it’s a Cassie art round but there is some Alpha in the mix this time. I got some of my favorite artists to draw her this time and I plan to get some more of them to draw her in the future.

There is also a lot of chibi artwork this time because chibi artwork is cheaper than what I normally get.

Full version

Full Version

The artist of these is Thi They. Check out Thi They’s page.


Full version

The artist of this piece is Ririkuto. Check out Ririkuto’s page.


Full version

The artist of this piece is Shiroisuisei. Check out Shiroisuisei’s page.


Full Version

The artist of this piece is Snow Mishibari. Check out Snow Mishibari’s page.


So yeah I heard you like animation. There you go. I’ve also commissioned Snow Mishibari again for another animated chibi which is going to be the samurai version of Cassie. I don’t know when there will be more art so be patient.  


  1. D’awwww~ ^^

  2. Cool stuff. I especially like the artwork on the wings in that P4 one.

    • I like that one too. Now I kind of need to get her wearing the Persona 3 uniform too.

  3. Very nice, especially the last three. How much do these people charge anyway?

    • I think the bottom 3 was

      It really depends on who I am commissioning.

  4. hhhnngggg all so damn cuteeeeeeee

    • That’s the intention😛

      • lolol yeppers

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