Posted by: AceRailgun | April 7, 2012

Sankarea Episode 1

The one bad thing about this anime is that it’s a very typical boy meets unique girl situation. But don’t let that deter you because aside from that Sankarea is very unique.


I think my favorite part so far is the atmosphere. Sankarea is an anime about zombies. Not a zombie apocalypse or anything of that magnitude it’s more about the protagonist, Chihiro exploring the concept of life and death using the occult as a medium.


So because Sankarea has a dark undertone and the whole zombie thing going it makes sense for there to be a large contrast between school life and occult activities that occur at night. The run down building Chihiro experiments inside is creepy and unique. The whole abandon bowling alley area is really neat.


This idea is abused in the ending sequence however which depicts Rea, the heroine lying in a bowling alley with a sort of sad and emotion song playing. I’m not sure what sort of theme the produces were going for as the opening is something you’d see in a romantic comedy anime.


I wasn’t expecting too much from the male lead going into this but Chihiro has some level of personality which I’m sure will be explored in depth in later episodes. Plus he has this really bizzare zombie fetish. He knows it’s weird but accecpts that and doesn’t try to deny it which is admirable I guess.


I’ll admit Rea is attractive. I don’t normally have the hots for anime girls but Rea’s character design is really nice. I think it’s got something to do with her long hair and white skin.


Lastly there is a girl who’s nickname is Wanko. Just think about how inappropriate that is for one moment. I’ll be blogging this for the whole season because I’m enjoying the direction it’s heading.


  1. Chihiro reminded me of Keima from Kami Nomi. It was a pretty nice mix of fantasy romance and romantic comedy

    • He kind of does now that you mention it. Except the object of their obsession is different.

      It does seem to mix a few different genres together so I hope it doesn’t become a mess.

  2. I kinda of like this anime. Turns out it was not like what the others were saying. It’s pretty good and yes the bowling alley is really cool. That guy is definitely weird.. who the hell want a zombie as a wife… Well i’d like to claim Sanka Rea as my new waifu!

    • She is cute. Perfect waifu material.

      Trusting someones opinion online is silly. It’s best to try things out for yourself and then make a decision.
      I don’t think i’d want a zombie as a wife but out of all the zombies she is probably the best one.

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