Posted by: AceRailgun | April 6, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode 1

Stupid title for a stupid anime. I’m not sure if I suddenly hate harems or if this one just gets to me. There is bits I like about it and there are bits that piss me off. Sera is one of the examples of things that piss me off. She is about as one dimentional as any character ever and has about three lines she repeats like a broken record. She litrally ruins an otherwise decent harem.


The first episode was pretty much a recap of all thing Zombie and reestablish the old details without making a single new joke or advancing the plot in any way shape or form. Ayumu is still weak to sunlight and allergic to spending time with his harem. Haruna is still the same and Eucliwood still writes on her notepad as if the stuff that happened at the last season didn’t really happen or wasn’t canon.


There was some new women that looks like a small child and exists inside Ayumu’s mind which is very strange. At this point I’m not sure if she was real or some kind of delusion and this is the only thing keeping me watching the anime to be honest.


Aside from the girls that Ayumu lives with there is a selection of school girls which are all lining up for a kiss which was demonstrated in the credits. Be honest, can you tell them apart? I can’t. the glorious thing about anime is that character can be unique but all these school girls look like someone went into a real Japanese school and lined up the five most similar girls they could find and then drew them. What’s more they all have a crush on a guy that doesn’t do anything…..


I’m not really expecting much from Kore wa Zombie  blah blah blah but at least it’s a good time killer.

Haruna’s backside made this episode better so points to them for not censoring it.


  1. I think this show is just excessive at many points >.> I watch for imaginary and original Eu!

    • Eucliwood Hellscythe is a great character and one of the only reasons I am watching this anime. There is some great comedy moments too but those are rare at the moment.

  2. I’m still debating whether to start this up again. It falls into that class of shows I only started watching because my anime club made me, and while I remember not liking it, I can’t recall why that was. Maybe I should just read some more blog posts and figure it out that way.

    • If you did enjoy the first season then go for it. I’m sure you’ll remember why you liked it the first time. It would only take 20 minutes to watch the first episode, just putting that out there. 😛

      Of coarse it’s not great but there is moments of comedy gold there.

  3. So the series is a harem…? Well shit.

    • You didn’t know? It’s about as cliche as harems get.


    • She’s already part of my harem and has been for some time. Too bad for you 😛

  5. Well its what you’d expect of a harem 😛 Eu, Dai-sensei and Tomonori are the only reason why I’m watching this one right now,though I bet that Sera will start calling Ayumi something else pretty soon =)

    • Eucliwood is all I need. But out of all the other characters Dai-sensei and Tomonori are the other ones I like.

      I can’t picture Sera being nice but it is possible I guess.

  6. The jokes and some certain things are recycled from season one… -_-

    And oh, the WordPress commenting is becoming a hassle and I’m not even a WordPress user.

    • It’s a pity the jokes are old. I reckon we will get some new ones soon.

      There’s not much I can do about commenting unfortunately. It’s just stuck the way it is.

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