Posted by: AceRailgun | April 5, 2012

Kill Me Baby Episode 13 Final

“Baby, please kill me.” Why are you lying to us. Obviously you don’t want someone to kill you and I’m certain you don’t even know what it means. 


So if you didn’t already know Kill me baby follows the story of two characters for the most part. Sonya, a blonde assassin and her friend who has a death wish. The entire series is about Yasuna trying to provoke her assassin classamate into murdering her. Overall she is unsuccessful but she does manage to obtain some impressive injuries for her troubles. Yasuna is cursed with the ability of fast healing so her broken bones and bruises can heal in an instant. Normally this would be a blessing but for Yasuna this is a curse.


After many failed suicide attempts Yasuna consoles another student in the class, Agiri. Who turns out to be a ninja. Provoking the ninja into killing her proves futile and so Yasuna returns to Sonya in a last attempt to try and have her wish fulfilled.


I give Yasuna points for creativity as she isn’t satisfied with ending her own life. She wants to be murdered. At one point she provokes a bear but unfortutley it isn’t a very savy bear and it is defeated by an accidental headbutt when Yasuna is trying to give herself a concussion so the bear can kill her easily.


The weakest part of the series for me was when Yasuna tried to end her life using natural causes. She attempts to sit out in the snow for a prolonged time in an attempt to give herself frostbite but her unnatural healing ability makes this next to impossible which she realizes, prompting her to resort to Sonya for death.


So overall I enjoyed Kill me Baby. It wasn’t the best comedy around but it had it’s moments. Kill me baby ends up at 129/158. Sure it’s low but that’s mostly because it doesn’t have any depth. It is what it is. A mindless comedy that has some good jokes mixed with a lot of average ones.


  1. It was funny at first, but after a while, I just stopped laughing. Also, that OP….*shiver*

    • I think I was laughing less and less each episode. Lucky the ending was so good to make up for it.

  2. The main reason I started this show was because of the rather odd premise of a child assassin in a comedy. I liked those moments, but they weren’t frequent enough for me to really get into the show.

    • I can imagine the idea of a child assassin being taken slightly more serious being a good story.

      Wait….. I’m right it was a good story. It was Full Metal Panic.

      The idea was solid but I agree the good parts were few and far between.

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