Posted by: AceRailgun | April 4, 2012

Top Music 2012 Winter

I listened to all this music a lot of times and after various factors were taken into account I calculated a bunch of statistics. All that was then written into an empty notepad document which now resided in the recycle bin. So here is the stuff I enjoyed most this season. This season was fairly bland when it came to music but there were some good ones in there.


5. Kill Me Baby endning Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu

I know it’s tacky but that’s what makes it fun. If only I could dance like that. Then i’d have all the ladies.


4 Ano Natsu de Matteru ending 1 Vidro moyou

I almost put a Guilty Crown song here but that stuff is overrated so here is a nice song that might have got over looked instead. Stupid Youtube is stupid so sorry about that.


3. Another Opening Kyoumu Densen

Now this one is a strange one. It reminds me of so many other songs but it has the strange horror element to it which helps it stand apart from the other music.


2. Persona 4 The Animation Opening 2 Key Plus Words

Yeah I like Persona. Do you have a problem with that? No? good.


1. Nisemonogatari Opening 2 Tsukihi Phoenix 

I love this song. Too bad it’s hard to get as an embedded video. Check the links on the right if you really want it.

Next time I do a post like this any song that cannot be embedded is automatically disqualified.


  1. Love the Another op…well love the singer. She sung the Code Geass ED and I was like :O

    • That’s where I’ve heard her before too. It’s good music.

  2. dunno…I wasn’t really into the Another OP. It sounds pretty similar to everything ALI PROJECT makes. It works for the show, but I dunno…I can’t listen to it very often. I’d probably throw in Guilty Crown (I really don’t think it’s overrated) and TRY UNITE from Rinne no Lagrange (that one just sounds catchy for some reason). I think that a lot of the Nisemonogatari OP was the animation…in my opinion, it makes the song exponentially better.

    • I just want to forget Guilty Crown so I chose to leave it out. I didn’t watch Rinne no Lagrange so that’s why that’s not there. I do like that song though.

      Ali Project just have a style. I like that style so hence 3rd place.

      I’m hoping for some better music next season this one was weak in my opinion.

      • I dunno…Kalafina’s OP for Fate/Zero is pretty awesome. Other than that, I’m not sure what to expect.
        As for Guilty Crown, story is story and music is music. I can’t hate a song because I hate the story because when I listen to that song, I’m not gonna have to keep rewatching the show while I’m at it.

      • When I listen to music I am almost always associating it with the anime, game or movie it comes from. It’s part of an experience for me. That’s why as good as Guilty Crown’s OST is I cannot enjoy it as much as I want to because I always picture myself punching Shu.

        Crazy but true.
        Don’t remind me we have to wait for Fate/Zero. I can’t believe they made us wait three months for it.

      • Hmm…guess I’ve never really felt like that. A show can make a song sound better to me, but I don’t think it can make a song sound worse.
        Hah…I’m just glad the song for Fate/Zero sounds awesome.

  3. The Kill Me Baby ED is awesome!

    I’m also a fan of Another’s quiet ED (didn’t care much for the OP), and thought Mirai Nikki’s new OP was interesting. It took me a few episodes to realize it was all in Engrish though. XP

    • Who doesn’t love the Kill me baby ed.

      Same, when I realized it was Engrish I had to listen to it again and work out what she was talking about.

  4. I have to agree on kill me baby and nisemono’s tsukihi phoenix opening… they’re addictive @_@

    There is another song i like though but it’s not listed here. Saint Seiya Omega’s Shin Seiki Pegasus Fantasy (new century pegasus fantasy) where the original MakeUp pairs with 中川祥子 (Nakagawa Shouko).

    I don’t like SSO’s art compared to the original SS but the op is kickass (/゚Д゚)/

    “pegasus fantasy sousa yumedake wa dare mo udae nai kokoro no tsubasa dakara~~~ SAINT SEIYA!!!” *air guitar* “shounen wa minna~~~!!!”

    • *Puts on smart reply hat* over the top of my Google search hat.

      Having addictive animation is part of the anime music experience. And every time an opening or ending has bland protagonist running through a field with wind blowing through his hair or when he stands stoically in a school with hot girls in the background I always think this is a wasted opportunity.

      *Google Search’s Saint Seiya Omega’s Shin Seiki Pegasus Fantasy*
      I’ll admit that’s a cool song.

      • *puts on scumbag steve hat* … oh wait wrong hat *puts on a top hat* like a sir…

        Yep, animation that goes with the song needs to be out of the box than just the generic standing there/walking there/sitting there and look pretty. That’s why KMB’s and Nisemono’s choice got me 😀

        On the topic of SSO’s SSPF, it’s just a rehash of the classic Saint Seiya’s Pegasus Fantasy…

        But goddamn how i love symphonic rock @_@

  5. Good job with putting Nisemono’s second OP, Platinum Disco, its a song currently competing with the Renai Circulation of Bakemono in my top 10 list. Another’s OP I guess it was good, what it did great was mixing itself up to the horror feel of the anime. I also agree that some songs do become exceptionally better because of the animation, one example is Buddy, the OP of Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing.

    • I love Renai Circulation as well. Bakemonogatari had such good music. I still listen to those even now.

  6. Great choice, I would top Nisenmonogatari and Another, love it, Im thinking of getting the CD’s pray to god that I have the finance left in my bank ^^

    • I’d love to get the CD for Nisemonogatari too. But they are expensive so I don’t end up buying CD’s as much as I should. I think I will buy it this time though.

  7. Awesome! Kill me Baby is in there! The dance move is definitely epic! Poor Guilty Crown.. Didn’t make it in the list. Well who cares.. lol.The list is great. And i’d like you to hear this It’s a great opening song from Aquarion EVOL

    • Kill me Baby was saved by that one song.

      That is a good song. I never get to see half the intro and endings simple because I don’t watch all the animes.

  8. Nisemonogatari – Tsukihi’s op really was the best. It was easily the cutest with Inu x boku – Karuta’s end coming second.

    • I heard that Inu x Boku song after I wrote this post and yeah I agree it’s really cute.

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